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Q & A with Sakon Yamamoto

Sakon Yamamoto emerged from out of the blue to land the available Spyker seat, when not even the Japanese driver thought it was possible. talked to Yamamoto before he begins his preparations for his first Grand Prix with the Dutch team.

Q. Your deal came totally out of the blue, when did the talks begin?

Sakon Yamamoto: "It was after the GP2 race (at Nurburgring), the second race on Sunday, the offer came suddenly and I was not able to take it all in straight away. There was really no mention of my name for that coveted seat, so my first reaction was a big surprise.

"However, looking back on Silverstone someone mentioned that my name was on the shopping list should Albers get fired but I did not believe it... but within the last few days we tidied up the details and here we are."

Q. Is this the first time you have been to the factory?

SY: "No, second time. I came to the same factory in Jordan days, of course it is the first time to come here as s Spyker driver."

Q. The team were testing in Silverstone this week, will you have a chance to do some miles in the car before the race in Budapest?

SY: "No, no testing, we go straight to the race. I know that is a tough situation so I would like to get as much preparation done as possible while I am here in the UK. I came here (from Barcelona) possibly without going home again before the race in Hungary.

"I think I will need to go through lots of meetings with engineers and getting to know people and do seat fitting, etc. It was beyond comprehension at first but it really started sinking in now. I am really looking forward to going to Hungary now."

Q. Clearly you must have notified your GP2 team. What was their reaction?

SY: "I told the team owner and he was genuinely pleased with the news."

Q. So now the news are really starting to sink in, how do you feel?

SY: "I am really happy of course, I really cannot wait. That is why I have so many things to do in England now. It helps that I know some people already in the team, from the Jordan days, but I would like to spend some time with the engineers and talk about the car and I really want to prepare myself well. It is new to everyone, and we have so little time to adjust but I am sure it is important I do these things now."

Q. At least you are familiar with most of the circuits which are coming now...

SY: "Yes, all except Spa, that is the only track I do not know. Even Fuji I know well.

Q. Your parents have been very supportive throughout your career, how was their reaction?

SY: "They were so happy, but they could not get things organised in time to come to Budapest, but they will go to Turkey."

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