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Q & A with Marco Andretti

The possibility of a third Andretti arriving in Formula One in the near future is looking more and more likely following Marco's second test for Honda Racing in Spain this week.

The youngster, grandson of Mario and son of Michael, completed two days of running for the Japanese manufacturer and by the end of it was starting to fully get to grips with F1 machinery. caught up with the Indy Racing League front-runner to find out how his latest run with Honda had gone, and what the chances are of seeing him eventually make the switch to Grand Prix racing.

Q. Marco, this was your second test. How was it?

Marco AndrettiMarco Andretti: It was sort of a long day for me. I was just getting acclimatised. Even in the Indy car test after the previous F1 test it was different, and it takes the first day just to get going. So it was about that, and halfway through we started to get going. In the end it did not end up too bad.

Q. But it was different compared to the first test you had in December, though?

MA: Yes and no. It was hard to get back from one car to the other. But a lot of the unknowns were answered the second time. It is just that I need two or three days of testing. These other guys test all the time.

Q. How was the car in the wet?

MA: There was a lot more grip than I am used to, which was tough for me because I did not know if I could trust it or not. When I look at the data I have time to gain but I was definitely happy with the day (Thursday). I think I got on all right considering it was my first time in the wet.

Q. And you had no off?

MA: No. That was a good thing.

Q. How did you find the intermediate tyres, which can be tricky sometimes?

MA: We did try them and when it is very wet they are definitely tough. But like other teams we were just trying to see what tyres were the best.

Q. Are you hungrier than ever for F1 now that you have completed the second test?

MA: I mean, I really don't know. I have to keep a clear head in the IRL, unless I cannot achieve what I am able to do. I have unfinished business over there.

Q. After two runs in the car, how much confidence will you have for a third test?

MA: I definitely learned so much more having two days. To be honest the biggest thing to get acclimatised to was the traction control. The rain helped me figure it out a bit better. I think if I had another dry day then I would finally find out what I needed.

Q. The Indy 500 is obviously your first goal. But is F1 in the pipeline?

MA: Sure. It is down the pipeline, but obviously we have to see all the circumstances. There is something that has to be won, which I haven't won yet. So let's wait.

Q. Was it strange that you went back to test in the United States after your first F1 test?

MA: I did two days of testing at Daytona. But it took me half of the first day to get going because I was braking way too late and going on the power way too early because there is no traction control

Q. Are there any more tests coming up for you?

MA: Next week we go to Homestead. It will be the first oval since September, which should be interesting.

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