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Bridgestone still considering red tyre rule

Bridgestone has not yet given up on the introduction of a 'red tyre rule' in Formula One next season in a bid to spice up the racing.
Although the idea to force teams to run both a hard and soft option tyre option has not been ratified by teams or the governing body, Bridgestone is still open-minded about the regulation being introduced.

Such a move would not only add to excitement in races, by giving teams another variable to play with, but it would also ensure that all of Bridgestone's tyres would be used up over a weekend - cutting down on potential wasted money spent on unused rubber.

The other option that is being considered is simply for the softer compound tyres to be marked with a red sidewall - so fans and commentators can easily distinguish what type of rubber each driver is using in the races.

Speaking to about the rules, Bridgestone's technical manager Hisao Suganuma said: "Everybody asks me this, but we have not decided yet. We are going to speak with the FIA.

"For example if the FIA decided to mark different colours, we will consider as we are happy to cooperate. To me it is a big matter for us if it makes F1 more interesting."

Suganuma warned, however, that there would be complications in producing red sidewalled tyres because of the different requirements of tyres at each track.

"Taking account of the production of such tyres, we need to think," he explained. "For example, in Champ Car softer tyres have the red mark on the sidewall.

"Maybe we would have some difficulty because the softer tyre on a circuit may be the harder tyre on another circuit, which means we need to have all the different specifications in double colours one with a standard sidewall and the other with a coloured sidewall.

"That makes it more difficult. If we need to do that we should think about the best way to do it.

"Personally in theory we can do it, but it is the discussion between the FIA and the Bridgestone teams. If F1 requires us to consider it we will cooperate."

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