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Italy Sunday quotes: BMW

Robert Kubica - 3rd: "Before the race some guys from the team came to me and told me they would like to see me on the podium, I thought it was a joke and now we are here. This time we knew we had good tyres, not only for qualifying but also for the race, unlike in Istanbul.

"When we got easily into qualifying three we also knew we had quite a consistent car for the race. I had a good start, but unfortunately locked the front wheels in the first corner, had flat spots and the first stint was quite difficult as I had a vibration. It was always a tough race as I had to fight with Massa and Alonso.

"Lapping the guys did not help as I was the first one of the group to lap them and I always lost one second. I came out of the second pit stop side by side with Alonso. Then his engine blew up and it was really risky as there was oil, Massa went off and I think had a puncture.

"The end of the race was quite easy for me and I just had to bring the car home. I now have the first podium of my life in Formula One. I want to thank the team for giving me this opportunity ' we all are very, very proud."

Nick Heidfeld - 8th: "It is a fantastic result for our team. Yesterday I was third in qualifying and today Robert is third in the race. Over the last few GP we have made real improvements and I hope we can keep up this momentum for the overseas races.

"Of course, I am not too happy with my own result today. I had a superb start. I was ahead of Michael when we entered the first corner. He came alongside me and I had to move onto the dirt, but the manoeuvre was okay. I got a lot of dirt on the tyres and this was my handicap for the whole of the first lap.

"Later the pace was good, but then I got the drive through penalty. Towards the end of the race I was faster than Trulli, but couldn't attack. I had an opportunity in turn one, but Alonso's engine oil was on the line I would use for this.

Mario Theissen (BMW Motorsport Director): "Third and eighth in the race are the crowning glory of a fantastic weekend for our young team. In qualifying our cars were quick with and without fuel, and we confirmed this in today's race.

"I am particularly happy with our second podium within five weeks because it also justifies our decision to put Robert in the race car. Nick also drove a strong race. Unfortunately he broke the speed limit during his first pit stop, but despite the penalty he managed to score a point. Compliments to our team in Monza, Hinwil and Munich."

Willy Rampf (Technical Director): "A fantastic result for the entire team. Robert made an excellent start, improving from sixth to third. Later he was under big pressure from Massa and he withstood it without making any mistakes. He drove a perfect race and got us our second podium.

"After a difficult race Nick also managed to get one point. Both cars not only ran trouble free over the entire weekend, but were also very competitive. This is thanks to the superb preparation work by the entire team."

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