F1 Turkish GP Live Updates - race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Hamilton wins the Turkish Grand Prix and seals his seventh F1 drivers' title
Perez holds onto second for Racing Point, ahead of Ferrari's Vettel and Leclerc
Sainz P5, with Verstappen sixth and Albon seventh after both Red Bull drivers suffer spins
Stroll takes ninth after leading opening half of the race
Bottas finishes P14 after suffering several spins, including one on opening lap at T1
Status: Stopped
12:23 We'll see you in two weeks' time to begin our final trio of races of the year. Thanks for joining us - we hope you enjoyed that!
12:15 Someone's put the podium places the wrong way round.
12:13 After that race, the cars all need a good clean. They're absolutely covered in muck and grime, like they've turned the diff lock on and gone for a blast around a muddy field.
12:09 Hamilton: "I'm definitely a bit lost for words. Naturally, I have to start by saying a huge thank you to the guys here and the guys at the factory. The journey we've been on is monumental. I want to also thank Team LH for sticking with me, and my family."
12:06 Perez: "I've told my team on the radio, one more lap on those tyres I think they would have exploded. It made our race, though, I think the team did a fantastic job with strategy. Lewis was extremely strong."
12:05 Vettel: "It was quite intense, quite long, but good fun! A bit of a surprise to snatch the podium at the end, but very happy. I saw Charles was quite close to Sergio, heard Sergio was struggling on his tyres, and when I saw Charles lock up I thought there was an opportunity..."
12:02 Vettel and Perez congratulate Hamilton, who's taking a moment to drink it all in.
12:00 The realisation dawns on him now - he's a seven-time world champion with a stunning drive. Look at those tyres!
12:00 "That's for all the kids out there that believe in the impossible. You can do it.", Hamilton says over the radio.
11:59 Sainz was only just in that mix and finishes fifth. Verstappen and Albon were together in sixth and seventh. Norris, Stroll and Ricciardo complete the top 10.
11:57 Sergio Perez ONLY JUST keeps second place! Leclerc passes Perez, locks up into turn 12, and lets Perez and Vettel trickle though to complete the podium!
11:56 No rain, but the reign continues: Lewis Hamilton wins and secures his seventh world title!
11:54 It's the final lap - will there be rain?
11:53 Ah, Stroll rather gives up his position as he goes wide at Turn 1 which allows Norris to storm ahead to take eighth place.
11:53 Or at least, Mercedes say they are. Hamilton overrules it, so no safety stop there.
11:53 "We expect rain to it at turn 8 first", Bono tells Hamilton. They're bringing him in for a "safety stop" to cover that.
11:52 The fastest driver on track is Norris and he has Stroll in eighth place in his sights with two laps to go.
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