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FIA returns one of Red Bull's curfew extensions

Red Bull garageRed Bull Racing has managed to get one of its four curfew extensions back after successfully proving that the staff member who arrived at the track early on Saturday was not associated with the operation of its car.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit was one of three teams that was deemed to have breached Formula 1's curfew regulations when marketing staff were found to have entered the track before the 4pm cut-off point on qualifying day.

The issue was of biggest concern to Red Bull Racing, because the curfew breach would have been the third of the four that it is allowed to have over the course of the season.

The team was unhappy because the unidentified staff member, believed to be a marketing member from sponsor Infiniti, had nothing to do with the race team.

After complaining to the FIA, Red Bull Racing successfully proved that there had been no breach of the curfew regulations - which means it is now deemed to have only used two curfew extensions so far.

A statement issued by the FIA said: "Having questioned the person causing the breach of curfew in the Red Bull Racing team case and heard his explanations, it is now clear, that this person is not a team member of the Red Bull Racing team and is not in any way associated with the operation of the car.

"Therefore the Red Bull Racing team did not break Article 30.9 of the 2011 Formula One Sporting Regulation."

Mercedes GP team principal Ross Brawn, whose outfit was also involved in the curfew matter, said that the rules needed clarifying about which personnel were deemed to be included in the curfew.

"In our case, a couple of our marketing commercial girls came to meet some guests at 3.30pm rather than 4pm and broke the curfew, so that is something that we need to discuss with the FIA to tidy up," he said. "I cannot quite see an objective in having a curfew for marketing staff. It is something that does need tidying up; I think it is just a misunderstanding."

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