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Q & A with Christian Danner

DR: Congratulations on your pole position, Christian; when last were you on pole position?

Christian Danner: "A couple of years ago in a Mini Challenge during the Belgian Grand Prix, in 2004..."

DR: So, what was the secret to your pole position here?

CD: "Well, there is no secret, it takes a while until you get used to the track, I don't know Silverstone ... well, I know old Silverstone, but not this one.

"So it took me a little while to get on top of the track, and then once you feel happy and comfortable then you can try a little harder, which is what I did.

"The fact that I ended up in front of the others is fine, but I am happy with my lap time, and it was so much fine out there."

DR: What is the grip level like out there?

CD: "Well, the grip level of the track is fine, but you know, our car is not the really grippiest of all, so that is the advantage in a way because you can control it all the time because you are not stuck with a car that has a tremendous amount of downforce.

"But it's got enough downforce to go faster than an F3000 car, which I find remarkable!"

DR: How much running did you do this weekend?

CD: "Not a lot, because I didn't do any running on Thursday because of a software problem, and I just did the limited amount of laps we were allowed to do because of the engine problem, so I didn't do an awful lot. I did may be eight laps per day, or something, but that was enough."

DR: How does this car compare to the CART car you raced in?

CD: "It's different, because it's got less downforce and power, so it's just different. I would say it's even nicer to drive."

DR: More forgiving?

CD: "More forgiving, yes. I don't know why, but it's just nicer to drive."

DR: You could use more power...

CD: "Don't ever ask a race car driver if he can use more power! Sure, one hundred more, another two hundred more, no problem..."

DR: What are your chance of winning the race?

CD: "I think there is a good chance, because, you know, I'm fit, which is really important and it's a pretty demanding track, so why not win it?

"You know, people talk about tactics all the time, how much fuel is in the car, when is he going to come in and pit, but I rely on old-fashioned tactics."

DR: Which are?

CD: "Just get into the car and f**k off!"

DR: Who do you think your biggest challengers will be?

CD: "Well, yeah, it was pretty tricky today, and racing is always a bit more difficult than qualifying, so it will be tricky, but it will be fun. I am really looking forward to it.

"I know that Stefan (Johannsen) is up my ass, and that Derek [Warwick] is up there and Riccardo [Patrese] ain't slower, so we all gonna be quick and we all gonna race wheel-to-wheel and that is what I am looking forward to."

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