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WTCC considering 'push-to-pass' system for 2014

WTCC considering 'push-to-pass' systemThe World Touring Car Championship is considering introducing a 'push-to-pass' system as part of its next generation regulations.

The series will revamp its Super 2000 rules package for 2014, with changes including power increases and styling alterations to give the cars a more 'aggressive' look.

WTCC chief Marcello Lotti said an overtaking boost system was on the agenda as a further update, along with hybrid technology.

"We are not talking of a new generation of cars, but of a technical evolution of the Super 2000s that were launched back in 2002," he said.

"Further implementations will be studied for a later application, such as the 'push-to-pass' and a common hybrid system."

Lotti also confirmed that arrangements would be made to allow current-spec cars to continue in the series, and insisted cost increases would be kept to a minimum.

"Some will be happy, considering this as a simple updating of the championship, some will disagree, claiming that an increase of costs will follow," he said.

"However, I believe that Super 2000 proved that the FIA is capable to maintain the stability of technical regulations for a long period. And their efforts, joined with ours, made also possible to keep the costs stable.

"This evolution will continue to keep the running costs under control, however in the beginning investments on the new cars will be requested.

"And I can grant that, like it happens every time a motorsport series is undergoing a technical evolution, we will study a way to assure a balanced cohabitation between the current and the new cars."

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