Engstler to TC3 with VW after World Touring Car Championship exit

World Touring Car Championship TC2 champion Franz Engstler's team will switch to the TC3 International Series, running Volkswagen Golfs from 2015

Engstler to TC3 with VW after World Touring Car Championship exit

The 53-year-old's decision to leave the WTCC after seven years was influenced by his long-term sponsor Liqui Moly's wish to be associated with a German car brand.

The WTCC grid will be exclusively for TC1 cars in 2015, and with no suitable German TC1 cars available, Engstler had been deliberating between shifting his focus to TC3 or GT3 sportscar racing.

"Liqui Moly has been my sponsor since 1988, so of course it is important that we continue together," said Engstler.

"Racing in the WTCC has been a really wonderful seven years, though, and it was like a big family.

"I think the TC3 Series will grow very fast, but let's see what happens.

"Our Golf project started three weeks ago. Realistically, we will test around three weeks before the first race. I chose Volkswagen because they made you feel really welcome.

"The other difference is BMW has DTM, Audi has DTM, whereas Volkswagen doesn't have another programme in touring cars and I think this is helpful.

"They want to prepare the car as best as they can and you don't have to call them all of the time asking what's going on. I think TC3 is the right platform for privateers."

Teams for the TC3 International Series are encouraged to run three cars; Engstler said interest from potential drivers is high, but the team may not run three cars in the first race.


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