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Results Silverstone / 19 Aug
Pos Driver Team
1 M.Beche, T.Laurent, G.Menezes Rebellion/Gibson
2 N.Jani, A.Lotterer, B.Senna Rebellion/Gibson
3 S.Sarrazin, E.Orudzhev BR Engineering/AER
4 H-Pin Tung, G.Aubry, S.Richelmi ORECA/Gibson
5 J.Jaafar, W.Tan, N.Jeffri ORECA/Gibson
6 N.Lapierre, A.Negrao, P.Thiriet Alpine/Gibson
7 R.Gonzalez, P.Maldonado, A.Davidson ORECA/Gibson
8 F.van Eerd, G.van der Garde, Vries Dallara/Gibson
9 E.Creed, R.Ricci, Y.Mori Alpine/Gibson
10 F.Perrodo, M.Vaxiviere, L.Duval ORECA/Gibson
2018 Calendar
Race Circuit Date
Fuji Fuji 14 Oct
Shanghai Shanghai 18 Nov
Sebring Sebring 16 Mar 2019
Spa-Francorchamps Spa-Francorchamps 4 May 2019
Le Mans 24h Le Mans-Sarthe 15 Jun 2019

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