Starting grid & combined qualifying times

After eight hours of qualifying, spread over Wednesday and Thursday evening, the grid for the 68th Le Mans 24 Hours has been locked in

Starting grid & combined qualifying times

9, Laurent Aiello, Allan McNish, Stephane Ortelli, Audi R8 3:36.124
8, Frank Biela, Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro, Audi R8, 3:36.650
7, Michele Alboreto, Christian Abt, Rinaldo Capello, Audi R8, 3:37.086
11, David Brabham, Jan Magnussen, Mario Andretti, Panoz Spyder LMP, 3:39.156
21, Mimmo Schiattarella, Didier de Radiguez, Emanuele Naspetti, Lola-Judd B2K, 3:39.651
17. Phillipe Gache Gary Formato, Didier Cottaz, Courage Judd, 3:39, 917
24, Stefan Johansson, Jim Matthews, Guy Smith, Reynard 2KQ, 3:40.124
12, Hiroki Katoh, Johnny O'Connell, Pierre-Henri Rapanel, Panoz Spyder LMP, 3:41.359
3, Eric Bernard, Emmanule Collard, Frank Montagny, DAMS Cadillac, 3:42.616
20, Jan Lammers, Peter Kox, Tom Coronel, Lola-Ford B2K, 3:43.188
1, Franck Lagorce, Butch Leitzinger, Andy Wallace, Cadillac, 3:43.598
23, Takaji Suzuki, Masahiko Kageyama, Masami Kageyama, Panoz Spyder LMP, 3:44.599
22, Takeshi Tsuchiya, Masahiko Kondoh, Akira Iida, Panoz Roadster S, 3:44.627
5, Yannick Dalmas, Nicholas Minassian, Jean-Phillipe Belloc, Reynard Mopar, 3:44.807
10, John Nielsen, Klaus Graf, Mauro Baldi, Panoz Spyder, 3:44.964
2, Max Angelelli, Wayne Tayor, Eric Van de Poele, Cadillac, 3:45.655
16, Stephan Bourdais, Olivier Grouillard, Emmanule Clerico, Courage Peugeot, 3:45.771
34, Jean-Christophe Boullion, Jordi Gene, Gerome Policand, Reynard Volkswagen, 3:46.202
33, Jean Denis Deletraz, Ralf Kelleners, David Terrien, Reynard Volkswagen, 3:46.319
4, Marc Goossens, Christophe Tinseau, Kristian Kolby, DAMS Cadillac, 3:47.056
15, Thomas Bscher, Geoff Lees, Jean-Marc Gounon, Bscher BMW, 3:47.493
6, Didier Theys, Jeffrey van Hooydonk, Didier André, Oreca Reynard 2KQ, 3:56.102
35, Stéphane Daoudi, Xavier Pompidou, Jean Bernard Bouvet WR Peugeot, 3:52.645
51, Olivier Beretta, Karl Wendlinger, Dominique Dupuy, Oreca Viper (GTS), 3:56.327
63, Ron Fellows, Chris Kneifel, Justin Bell, Corvette C5-R (GTS), 3:57.933
64, Andy Pilgrim, Kelly Collins, Franck Freon, Corvette C5-R (GTS), 3:58.615
52, Marc Duez, Patrick Huisman, Tommy Archer, Oreca Viper (GTS), 3:59.199
53, Ni Amorim, David Donohue, Anthony Beltoise, Oreca Viper (GTS), 4:02.837
32, Scott Maxwell, John Graham, Greg Wilkins, Multimatic Motorsport Lola, 4:03.184
59, Wolfgang Kaufmann, Yukihiro Hane, Katsunori Iketani, Freisinger Motorsport Porsche (GTS), 4:03.825
56, Toni Seiler, Walter Brun, Christian Glasel, Team Goh Viper (GTS), 4:04.058
54, Boris Derichebourg, Guy Martinolle, Jean-Claude Lagniez, Paul Belmondo Racing Viper (GTS), 4:04.312
36, Sylvain Boulay, Yojiro Terada, Richard Balandras, WR Peugeot, 4:04.777
57, Mike Hezemans, David Hart, Hans Hugenholtz, Carsport Holland Viper (GTS), 4:05.643
60, Tom Kendall, Charlie Slater, Jurgen von Gartzen, Konrad Motorsport Porsche (GTS), 4:08.706
30, Patrick Lemarie, Jean-Francois Yvon, Yann Goudy, Didier Bonnet Debora, BMW, 4:08.935
77, Christophe Bouchut, Patrice Goueslard, Jean-Luc Chereau, Larbre Porsche 911 (GT), 4:09.712
83, Dirk Müller, Lucas Luhr, Bob Wollek, Dick Barbour Racing Porsche 911 (GT), 4:10.008
76, Michel Neugarten, Tony Burgess, Max Cohen-Olivar, Seikel Motorsport Porsche 911 (GT), 4:15.170
71, Shane Lewis, Cort Wagner, Bob Mazzuoccola, Michael Colucci Porsche 911 (GT), 4:15.652
81, Michel Ligonnet, Gabrio Rosa, Franco Babini, Haberthur Racing Porsche 911
(GT), 4:17.442
82, David Murry, Johnny Mowlem, Sascha Maassen, Skea Racing Porsche 911 (GT), 4:19.234
72, Tomas Saldana, Giovanni Lavaggi, Jesus Diez Villaroel, Racing Engineering Porsche 911 (GT), 4:19.329
79, Thierry Perrier, Jean-Louis Ricci, Romano Ricci, Perspective Racing Porsche 911 (GT), 4:20.046
73, Atsushi Yogo, Hideo Fukuyama, Bruno Lambert, Team Taisan Advan Porsche 911 (GT), 4:21.040
80, Philip Verellen, Rudi Penders, Kent Dujardyn, Renstal Excelsior Porsche 911 (GT) 4:21.320
75, Michael Lauer, Michael Brockman, Gunnar Jeannette, Manthey-Gunnar Racing Porsche 911 (GT), 4:22.981
78, Jean-Luc Maury Laribière, Angelo Zadra, Bernard Chauvin, Maury Laribière Porsche 911 (GT), 4:25.078

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