At a glance

  • Made F1 debut
  • 11th in F1
  • Best starting position of 5th
  • Best finish of 6th
Lando Norris

In terms of pace, there was little to choose between him and Carlos Sainz Jr – over the season Norris perhaps showed he had a slender pace advantage in qualifying when things went right, while in the race Sainz was the benchmark. But Norris proved himself more than capable of outstanding drives and deserved more than the three ‘Class B’ wins he took.

Lando Norris

He appeared to plateau a little towards the end of the year, but his form over the first half of 2019 was strong enough to ensure he was still operating at an excellent level for a rookie – also exhibiting a good line in self-evaluation that should allow him to keep improving.

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Lando Norris

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