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Charles Pic set to race with Virgin in 2012

Charles Pic is set to graduate to Formula 1 with Virgin Racing next season, as he prepares for his first test with the team in Abu Dhabi this week

Abu Dhabi Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 19th: "Overall it was quite a good race today. I had a strong start, the speed was not too bad and I was in front of a couple of quicker guys, even though in the end they caught us up. I just drove my race and my engineer kept me updated about the gap to the guys behind, which was quite easy to manage. In the second pit-stop I think Ricciardo pushed a bit more, but I still managed to stay in front of him as well as keeping an eye on the rear tyres. In the end I got the best out of the car even though I have to say it was a bit difficult with the last set of tyres because the Medium compound combined with all the blue flags made it difficult to get them up to temperature. But it was a good race and the team did a good job."

Abu Dhabi Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "Today the car was a bit more difficult to drive than yesterday. We already struggled this morning with the braking - I just didn't have the confidence to go to the maximum and push. Depending on the corner, the rear end behaved differently, making it quite difficult for me to judge. But my qualifying lap was a good one and I am happy to be in front of HRT and pleased with the lap. It was good and no mistakes. But I'm sure that if we have more confidence in the car we can push more, so we have to look into this and understand why it changed overnight."

Abu Dhabi Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "This morning I had a bit of trouble. I had a technical problem so I had to wait a bit longer to go out on track. So it was a bit of a difficult first practice, the car wasn't that great and it needs a different set-up here to what we were running in the past. So it was a little difficult to get anything out of the car. At the end I also had to do some system checks which made it hard for me to improve my lap time. So it wasn't the best of starts to the day. FP2 was a more standard programme. We made some set-up changes that proved to be a better direction and made the car more driveable. It was good to see Robert in the car today. I think it is well-deserved after winning the World Series Championship. So it was a great day for him I'm sure."

Charles Pic joins Virgin for Abu Dhabi test

Frenchman Charles Pic will make his Formula 1 debut next week when he joins Virgin Racing for the Abu Dhabi test

Abu Dhabi preview quotes: Virgin

John Booth - team principal: "We head to Abu Dhabi looking forward to the last two races of the 2011 calendar. It's going to be an interesting and busy couple of weeks ahead as straight after the race we will remain at the Yas Marina Circuit for the Young Driver Test before heading to Brazil for the season finale

Robert Wickens gets Virgin run in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice

Formula Renault 3.5 champion Robert Wickens will drive for Virgin Racing in Friday morning practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend

Formula 1 chiefs approve name changes for Lotus, Renault and Virgin

Formula 1 chiefs have approved the name change requests that were put forward at today's F1 Commission meeting in Geneva - bringing an end to the long-running row over the Lotus moniker

India Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 16th: "In the end we did what we had to. The team did a great job with the strategy and I pushed hard to close the gap. But it wasn't an easy weekend for me. It was a bit strange in terms of the tyres. On the one hand this was good because we could do very long stints without any degradation, but on the other hand it wasn't optimum for the beginning of the race and qualifying. Generally, I think we can all be happy with where we got to in the end today."

India Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 24th: "A very disappointing qualifying for the team. We had a very good Friday yesterday, but today we have been very unlucky as fifth gear broke in qualifying and I could only do one flying lap. The first flying lap was already quite positive - the car felt okay and I didn't have any problems. We won't be starting where we wanted to be but I think we are quick enough to beat the HRTs and we kept a set of the Soft tyre back, so let's see what we can do tomorrow. Obviously, it's a real shame for me and my car crew, but that's racing."

India Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "It's been a good first day here in India. The track is just awesome and really good fun to drive. It's been an enjoyable day without any problems. The car felt okay, it has a reasonable balance to it and we were able to get through the entire programme and achieve good set-up work. Now we just have to analyse the data overnight and see what we can do for tomorrow. I can't wait to get back in the car again here!"

India preview quotes: Virgin

John Booth: "I think we have a very interesting weekend ahead of us and I'm sure India is going to present some surprises that even the best preparation cannot cater for. It's the first time here for everyone and a level playing field is always most welcome. The track is provides an undulating lap with a combination of slow turns and high-speed straights, with many elevation changes that will make it a real challenge for the drivers. We can't wait to experience it for ourselves during the first Free Practice session on Friday, but from our data and simulations the circuit looks quite interesting

Korea Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 18th: "It has been a good weekend for us. Strategy-wise I think we made the right choice. I had a very good car the whole race - very consistent to push until the last lap and all the problems that we thought we had before were less of an issue. The Pirellis were very good and very consistent. I had a lot of fun and could push until the end, until the last lap. We had a bit of a fight with HRT in the middle of the race, who were suddenly very quick, and I had to push more and more. Overall I'm happy and got the maximum out of the car. The pitstops were good so we made a big step forward in that area too. Now we're off to our big adventure in India, which I think the whole team is looking forward to."

Korea Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "It's been a great weekend so far and today went very smoothly compared to the last few weekends where we had a few more set-up troubles. The car was very good in wet conditions yesterday, which made me very comfortable for today, because if the car is very good in the wet it should also be good in the dry - and it was this morning, straight from the first lap. We just fine-tuned the set-up as for us there is quite a lot of grip here and that suits the car. I got a good qualifying lap; a slight mistake into turn 5 which cost me a bit of time, but in general today we are 0.9s from Team Lotus. The team did a good job and in particular my engineers worked well together to get everything right. Now we have to focus on looking after the tyres over a race distance and we'll see what we can do tomorrow."

Korea Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "It's been a difficult first day in Korea today with the wet conditions because I think that tomorrow, and on Sunday, it will be dry. We will have to do a bit of catching up tomorrow, but today was okay even though we had a bit of a problem on the front left suspension where we had to change some parts and it cost us a bit of time. The wet conditions also make it more of a challenging track but the day went well and it was good to be able to evaluate some developments for 2012. Tomorrow we have to concentrate on qualifying and our race preparation."

Korea preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "I'm looking forward to Korea; it's still a young race and the track is quite good. It combines long high-speed straights and slow corners like the start of sector 2: three extremely slow zig-zag turns where you need to find a good rhythm, attack the kerbs a little as well as keeping the speed up. Then you have to accelerate hard out of Turn 6 towards a very fast sequence of turns where it's very important to get them as clean as possible otherwise there's a high risk of going off track. So in general there's hardly a breather to be had in Korea, which makes it even more of a challenge

Japan Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 21st: "I think it was a good race. I had a good start and first part of the race. I'm not sure if we went for the best option regarding the strategy, as I lost my position to Timo in the pits, which is a shame. But I came back on him in the end and we had a great fight but he was able to end the race ahead. It was a positive weekend for me and I'm happy with this."

Japan Saturday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 20th: "It was a good Saturday. We had a very good last lap, something which is difficult to achieve here. You want to push hard, but you still have to think, as it's all about priorities and working out which corners to sacrifice. I'm pretty happy about today, especially because we turned it around - yesterday was a difficult day and we managed to do well at a track like Suzuka. I'm really happy. I worked well together with the engineers and I think that thanks to this combination we improved the car and my driving."

Japan Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 19th: "It wasn't a trouble-free first session as I had a water leak and I wasn't able to run much. This cost us a bit of time and we had to carry work over to the second session in the afternoon, so we had a very tight schedule this afternoon. I think we are heading in a reasonable direction even though we still have to improve the car. The team did a great job today and fixed the problems very quickly. Let's see how it goes tomorrow."

Japan preview quotes: Virgin

John Booth, team principcal: "Suzuka is one of the driver's favourite tracks on the calendar and it's easy to understand why. It's a very challenging and technical circuit with frequent directional changes. Two critical points are the S-turns, a flowing combination of five corners where it is important to get the entry right; and the Spoon Curve, a double left taken as one, where it is crucial to find the perfect line and carry momentum into the following straight

Singapore Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 18th: "I'm quite happy with my race today. I had a good start and pushed hard on the first two laps and then tried to save the tyres as we were following a two-stop strategy - that was pretty good. The last stint was long and not easy to manage. I could push, but I had to have in mind that I had to look after the tyres until the end of the race. It has been quite a good race. I'm satisfied and we need to continue like this. It's certainly the toughest race I have done, but I managed to go to the end without many problems, so it was good."

Singapore Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "A difficult weekend so far, starting from the first outing. I haven't been completely happy with the rear of the car and we didn't manage to get it right yet, so qualifying was not perfect. I made a small mistake at the hairpin at Turn 13 but beyond that I think we had the most from the car. I love this race so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Singapore can throw up all sorts of things so we just need to be ready."

Singapore Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "Not a great first practice session. It was a pretty short one due to the problems on the track and then the incident with Webber, which in the end made us lose a lot of time. The rear left tyre was punctured and I didn't run again as we didn't want to waste a set of tyres in FP1. FP2 wasn't great but it was slightly better. We did some variations in terms of set-up and the direction is not bad, but it's still difficult on a long run as we suffer on the rear tyres. We have to look into it and try to fine-tune the car for tomorrow."

Singapore preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "It's great to be back in Singapore where I finished in second position in 2009. The Singapore Grand Prix is clearly one of the highlights of the year and my favourite track on the calendar. It really is an amazing experience and I just can't wait to get in the car and drive through the streets of Singapore at night again. It's great fun! The Marina Bay Street Circuit is very challenging. Just the fact that it is a street circuit already makes it very demanding, but if we add the fact that it's a night race it just adds to the excitement. Car set-up is tricky, as with any other street circuit, so Friday will be a busy day. It's an anti-clockwise stop-start layout which demands a high level of downforce and even though the average speed isn't the highest, it's really enjoyable. I am looking forward to the final leg of the season."

Wickens completes Vairano test for Virgin Racing

Robert Wickens made his testing debut at the wheel of a Formula 1 car on Tuesday when he drove for the Virgin Racing team at Vairano

Italy Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 15th: "The race today was okay, even though the car was a bit difficult to drive, which is a little disappointing after yesterday's qualifying. Over the weekend we have definitely seen a step forward. The car felt better, but we have to look at why the car wasn't so good in race trim and see how we can develop the package for Singapore."

Italy Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "A disappointing qualifying. We had a problem with the rear wing - it just stayed open and didn't close again. Then after a certain speed it just closed on its own. We have never had a problem with it before and didn't have anything wrong yesterday, so we have to look at this and resolve it because it's not very comfortable to experience that. It was very difficult and frustrating because we were very close to Kovalainen today and close 'enough' I think. With the wing working properly, who knows?"

Italy Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "Not one of our best Fridays. I think we struggled quite a lot in FP1 with some technical and sensor problems and we couldn't really complete the programme this morning. I was just hanging around for 45 minutes in the pits and I couldn't run, so that left a lot of work to be done in the afternoon. In FP2 we put the car quite quickly in a good direction and I felt quite comfortable. It's a bit difficult against the top guys here - they are quicker and the top speed difference can be quite big, so we have to look into that for tomorrow and try and make the car better and quicker. It's still early to talk about the upgrade as we have to study the data, but I hope for a smooth Saturday."

Italy preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "Monza is a fantastic track situated in the heart of the town, just outside Milan. The track is generally flat, but has gradual gradient from the second Lesmos to the Variante Ascari and the grip here is very low due to the aerodynamic profile needed. Understeer is also more of an issue here than at other tracks, however, we do experience oversteer in the second sector

Booth on Virgin's blossoming F1 future Plus

Booth on Virgin's blossoming F1 future

There is lot happening at Virgin right now: a factory move; a massive car upgrade and the integration of McLaren's technical assistance. Team prinicipal John Booth rings the changes in this exclusive interview and details his hopes for climbing the grid in 2012

Virgin is planning a major rear-end overhaul for the Italian Grand Prix

Virgin Racing is planning to introduce a major update to the rear end of its car for next weekend's Italian Grand Prix, on the back of a ramping up of efforts to improve its technical operation

Belgium Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jerome D'Ambrosio - 18th: "I'm pretty happy about my race I have to say and I was very comfortable with the car balance. It was quite difficult at the start as there was a lot of debris and at one point I thought I had a problem but in the end it was a smooth race. It was also a bit tough in the last laps of the race trying to save fuel. It was the first time I ever had to do that so I had to try to adapt. It was something different but that's just more experience for me and it worked out okay. I'm very pleased how things went in my first home Grand Prix. There were quite a few incidents today so I focused on keep it nice and clean and in the end the team has another good two-car result. It's been a great way to start part two of the season."

Belgium Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "In general today's qualifying was quite okay, but for some reason we had a lot of trouble in the first stint, on the first set of tyres, because we made a change from Free Practice 3 to qualifying and maybe it wasn't the correct one. It was really difficult. I then came in for a new set of Intermediate tyres and in general I think the lap was okay, even though on the data the lap looked more like a Rally lap! Nevertheless we got the most out of the car and I'm happy with the result."

Belgium preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "After the back-to-back races of Germany and Hungary it was really nice to have a break and relax, but now I can't wait for the second part of the year. To come back racing in Spa is a perfect way to pick up the rest of the season. It's one of my favourite races, it's a fascinating layout and a historical circuit. The track is very fast and long, with some very tricky corners, so any small mistake ruins the lap. The weather is often a factor, especially due to its changeable conditions. Rain can come very quickly here, but this is part of the thrill of racing here. I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to the weekend ahead."

Virgin's Lowdon says only fans will judge the success of the BBC/Sky deal

Virgin Racing CEO Graeme Lowdon believes it will be the fans who will determine if the BBC/Sky deal will be good for Formula 1 next year

Ricciardo aims to beat Liuzzi and the Virgin drivers as season progresses

Daniel Ricciardo believes he can aim to beat HRT team-mate Tonio Liuzzi and the Virgin drivers by the end of the 2011 season

Hungary Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 17th: "A very interesting race today, I have to say, and very good fun. I got a great start and got ahead of Heidfeld and some other guys in faster cars and was able to stay in front of them. They obviously were able to get past me after it started to dry and I just concentrated on my own race, managing to hold the gap behind me. Then when it started to rain, we made the right decision, staying on the slicks. It wasn't easy to stay on track today as we saw, but we got the right result in the end. A great team performance in tricky conditions, making all the right decisions and some great pit stops which made all the difference. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in the long run up to race 11 and now they deserve an enjoyable break so we can come back fighting again in Spa."

Hungary Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "It hasn't been an easy weekend so far. Yesterday the car was okay, not perfect, but at least we had a good baseline for today. But then unfortunately the wind picked up this morning and it felt like it just blew our car off the track a little bit. It was very difficult this morning as I had no balance and I really had to work around the set-up. We tried a lot of different combinations and I have to say that my engineers did a very good job. As a team we picked the right set-up in the end and I had a very good qualifying lap. I got the best out of the car and collected a lot of data, and now we have to see why the car is more difficult to drive under these conditions. But I'm happy with my work today."

Hungary Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "This morning was all about aero runs, which is always useful as we are able to collect plenty of data. In the afternoon we worked on the set-up and on some ideas for tomorrow. The main issue at the moment is the tyres, as they are proving to be quite difficult to handle this week, so we will have to have a good look before tomorrow."

Germany Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 17th: "After a positive start to the day with the announcement about my future with the team, it was quite a difficult race today. I struggled with the braking system from the middle of the race onwards and I wasn't able to push late on in the race, so we have to look into the problem. Otherwise thanks to the team for a good weekend at my home Grand Prix. A shame it was so cold for everyone but we head to Hungary now for better weather and I hope we can have another good result there."

Timo Glock says sticking with Virgin Racing longterm was an 'easy' choice

Timo Glock says it was an 'easy' decision for him to commit himself to Virgin Racing for the next three years, despite the team's early struggles in Formula 1

Timo Glock has re-signed with Virgin on a new three-year deal

Timo Glock will remain with Virgin Racing until 2014 after the German signed a new three year deal with the team

Germany Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "The car was not easy to drive today, by any means. We had the same problem in Silverstone in similarly windy conditions and our car is just very sensitive to that. We have to understand why because without the little mistakes, too much oversteer and being too much over the limit to trying to get the maximum out of the car, we could have been four or five tenths quicker. I was pushing hard and I drove a good lap I think. I just want to get more out of the car. We still managed to split the Lotus cars and in better conditions I think we could have a good race, so we will see what tomorrow brings. The fans have been great here and thanks to them for their support in my home race."

Germany Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 19th: "This morning we wanted to focus on our aero program and therefore we didn't do any real set-up work, so we only used the Prime tyres, which are slower than the two soft options. I think the second session was reasonable for us. I'm not 100% happy but I think it was a good start to the weekend. I felt comfortable in the car and I'm very happy to be in Germany and racing at home in front of the fantastic German fans."

Germany preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "I'm really looking forward to my home Grand Prix in Germany. It's great to be back at the Nurburgring, a track where I've enjoyed some very good races and a lot of success in the past in Formula BMW, F3 and GP2 as well as F1. The track itself is good fun. The first part is quite technical and the rest is really quite easy to drive

Britain Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 16th: "A good race for us today and a good result for the team in getting both cars to the finish in our home Grand Prix. It was quite a normal race for us I would say. I got a good start and a good first lap. The first couple of corners were a bit of a mess but when everything started to settle down I was in front of Jarno and could hold my pace okay to stay in front of him. After they were out of the race I had a relatively easy time. It wasn't possible to gain places so I didn't push too hard; I just concentrated on achieving our objective today which was another two-car finish. I'm happy for us and hope for more of the same in my home race in Germany in two weeks' time."

Britain Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "I'm quite happy with where we are today - I'm P20, I got Trulli and it was a pretty good lap. The car didn't feel great in the dry this morning, so we made some changes, but it still wasn't quite there. I gave it everything for that one lap though and did quite well. We're never quite sure what Silverstone will bring in terms of the changing weather, so I like this kind of qualifying where you just have to hammer down for a lap to get a banker in early and sure enough the rain came. With a new set of tyres you have this one magic moment to make it all come good and I just made the best of it at the right time. There was a small mistake on my part but I got ahead of my immediate competitors so I have to be pleased. I'm very excited for our home race tomorrow."

Britain Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 22nd: "We've experienced typical English weather today. It was quite wet in the first session, even though it dried towards the end, and I was generally happy with the car. During the second Free Practice we were waiting for better conditions and at the end I went out again on my first set of tyres from this morning. I was just driving around and waiting for the conditions to improve. My tyres were very worn and I ended up with a lot of aquaplaning, so I just focused on keeping the car on track."

Graeme Lowdon on Virgin's deal with McLaren Plus

Graeme Lowdon on Virgin's deal with McLaren

After a difficult start to its second season in Formula 1, including a parting of ways with Wirth Research, Virgin Racing received a welcome boost when it announced a new technical tie-in with McLaren. AUTOSPORT spoke to sporting director Graeme Lowdon about what the deal means for his team…

Virgin's Graeme Lowdon says McLaren tie-up a statement of intent

Virgin Racing's sporting director Graeme Lowdon has hailed his team's technical tie-in with McLaren as a statement of intent over its long-term ambitions in the sport

Britain preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "It already feels like it's been a great week for the team and we haven't even started racing yet. I'm very pleased about everything that is happening right now as I believe we can really start to move forward. We're very clear about where we need to get to and how we're going to do it, so I'm feeling very excited for the future of our team

Virgin enters into technical partnership with McLaren

Virgin Racing has announced a technical tie-up with McLaren in a bid to help it improve its form in Formula 1

Europe Sunday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 21st: "Quite a positive weekend for us I think. Everything ran smoothly and I had no real problems during the three days. In the race itself I had a very good opening lap and I overtook both the Lotus cars and a Toro Rosso, although he got right back past me straight away. Once the DRS was enabled I couldn't keep Heikki and Jarno behind me and after that I just ran my own race. I was quite comfortable being able to run at a good pace although at the end we had a bit of a fuel pick-up problem and I had to save fuel. But in general I'm very happy with the weekend and I've retained my lap record here. It's a bit of a shame to have a good race and still finish 21st where you started, but with nobody having technical issues or first lap incidents, that's all you can do."

Timo Glock promises to stay motivated despite Virgin stopping 2011 development

Timo Glock insists that Virgin's decision to switch its focus to its 2012 car in the wake of parting company with technical director Nick Wirth will not affect his motivation

Europe Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 22nd: "I'm very pleased with how things have gone so far this weekend and today my car crew did an amazing job, so thanks to them as everything has been very smooth. One little mistake we made was sending me out in a bit of traffic on my second run. Petrov blocked me into turn one which put me in the way of other cars which were on a fast lap and I had to get out of the way, so I didn't get the best chance on my second set of tyres and therefore set my best time on my third timed lap. Overall though a much better day. I was only 0.3s away from Trulli, my lap was good and hopefully we can have a good race with Lotus tomorrow."

Europe Friday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 20th: "It has been quite a busy Friday, especially this afternoon. We went through the normal programme and everything feels fine so far. The tyres feel a bit different but the rest is okay. I think we got a lot of good data out of some aero runs we did this morning, and that will hopefully give us a good direction for the future. So far, so good."

Europe preview quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock: "Valencia is a race that often divides opinion but I really like the circuit and find it an interesting challenge. It's a track where we really have to keep our eye on the ball - much like Monaco - because the fast straights and the closeness of the barriers mean you can easily become unstuck. This is usually a very hot race, which adds to the challenge, and a great and very up and coming city. For us it's a case of doing the best job possible with our equipment, bringing both cars home and continuing to make good calls from the pitwall to ensure we are there to take advantage of opportunities along the way."

Canada Sunday quotes: Virgin

Jérôme D'Ambrosio - 15th: "It was just an unbelievable race. We were in a racing situation for about four hours. I've never experienced anything like that. It was something quite special. There were quite a lot of ups and downs - before the red flag I stopped twice and then suddenly after the restart I found myself racing with Timo and I thought, what's happening? It was crazy! Then at the last restart I lost a lot of time with the blue flags, having to go offline onto the wet to let them past and at the end I couldn't fight for position because with our wet setup I didn't have the same top speed. But It was a great race and really good experience for me."

Canada Saturday quotes: Virgin

Timo Glock - 22nd: "Quite a tough day for us I think. We tried to concentrate on getting a setup for wet conditions as the forecast was strongly indicating rain and so our downforce level is more suitable for wet conditions than for dry. The predictions are still uncertain but we hope this will work in our favour. It will probably be quite difficult to turn it around tomorrow, but at least we have enough downforce to save the tyres. We just have to see what tomorrow brings."

Virgin to shift focus after Silverstone

Virgin will introduce its final major upgrade package of the 2011 season at next month's British Grand Prix as it switches its focus onto next year's car