Hickman still planning to use Superbike in Isle of Man Senior TT despite issues

Peter Hickman plans to still race his Superbike-spec BMW in the 2023 Isle of Man Senior TT on Saturday, despite encountering “unnerving” issues on it this event.

Peter Hickman, Superbike

The FHO rider finished second in Sunday’s Superbike TT having come close to beating the outright lap record at 135.445mph on a bike with brake and quickshifter issues.

On the same M1000RR in Superstock trim, Hickman stormed to his first win of the 2023 TT in Tuesday’s first outing for the class.

This has led to questions about him potentially racing his Superstock bike in the Senior finale on Saturday.

But speaking to Autosport on the Isle of Man on Thursday, he insists the plan is still to race the Superbike, and he will try some more changes in Friday and Saturday’s solo warm-up laps.

“I don’t know, to be totally honest,” he said when asked how likely he thought it would be that he would race his Superstock bike in the Senior.

“At this moment in time, we are racing the Superbike. That is the plan. After tomorrow that might change, but I don’t know.

“We’ll probably ride in the warm-up on the Senior [day]. If it’s not fixed tomorrow, I’ll probably ride it Saturday morning.

“And then if it’s still not right, then we have a decision to make.”

Peter Hickman, Superbike

Peter Hickman, Superbike

Photo by: ttracesofficial/Pacemaker Press

Hickman added that he is assured in his own ability on the Superbike if the team can get it right for the Senior given what he did in the Superbike TT.

“I know what I can do with that Superbike if the Superbike is on point,” he said.

“I’ve just equalled the lap record, almost the fastest lap… I know Michael did 135.5mph, it’s 0.6s or something.

“I just did that with a shifter that didn’t work, a blipper that didn’t work and a bike that knocks the pads back so I’ve got no brakes.

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“So, I have to roll off early everywhere. It’s like, holy fuck, how much more do you want to give away?

“That’s like four problems. So, if that wasn’t the case where would we actually be? I’ve got a rough idea, and if we can get it to work I’ll be fine.”

Picture credit @ttracesofficial/Pacemaker Press


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