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The storylines that will dominate F1 in 2019 With the launch season for Formula 1 2019 just around the corner, the first controversies of the new... 1547683200 F1
How Binotto will change Ferrari for the better Ferrari's decision to bin Maurizio Arrivabene and promote Mattia Binotto in his place will mean a ve... 1546905600 F1
F1 needs Renault's 'biggest gains' to pay off in 2019 Renault has not been anywhere near Mercedes or Ferrari so far in F1's turbo hybrid era. But, with po... 1546473600 F1
The 100-race statistics that should alarm F1 Although Mercedes ended up winning the 2018 world championship at a canter, for much of the season t... 1545264000 F1
Why F1 risks giving fans a data overload Formula 1's plans to give fans greater access to data might seem like a win on the surface, but does... 1544745600 F1
The findings that make halo criticism irrelevant Charles Leclerc being hit by a flying Fernando Alonso at the Belgian Grand Prix ended some of the de... 1544054400 F1
Would Alonso be able to resist an F1 comeback? Fernando Alonso's entire life has been geared towards Formula 1. Now that has been removed, his big ... 1543449600 F1
Why Red Bull's most exciting junior won't be silenced The superlicence rules that govern when drivers are eligible to drive Formula 1 cars frustrated the ... 1542844800 F1
F1 must not clip Verstappen's wings Max Verstappen copped some flak for his post-race antics in Brazil, but Formula 1 must realise that ... 1542240000 F1
The plane journey that convinced Ferrari on Leclerc Ferrari appeared to break with its tradition of being cautious over young drivers by promoting Charl... 1541635200 F1
The psychological secrets of Hamilton's greatest season Lewis Hamilton's fifth Formula 1 title wasn't won easily, coming in a season where Mercedes didn't g... 1540944000 F1
The thrill that means more than winning to Raikkonen Kimi Raikkonen finally ended his Formula 1-win drought at last weekend's US Grand Prix. His demeanou... 1540425600 F1
F1 should try Hamilton's 'super weekend' right now Lewis Hamilton has been one of the biggest backers of Formula 1 experimenting with its formats. A ra... 1539820800 F1
The email that led to a Mercedes fightback Blaming Ferrari's blunders for Mercedes surging to another Formula 1 world title is too simplistic. ... 1539216000 F1
The two F1 fallen giants that must adapt or die Two of Formula 1's most successful teams have been in a spiral of decline over recent years. Unless ... 1538611200 F1
How a handshake sealed Ocon's fate Esteban Ocon went from two options to none in the space of a summer, but it was one handshake in a t... 1538006400 F1
How Ferrari became its own worst enemy Ferrari lashed out after its Singapore defeat, but it's obvious that it only has itself to blame for... 1537401600 F1
The engine tech that will define F1's next aero war There are many parts of a Formula 1 car that determine if it will go on to be a winner. But recent d... 1536796800 F1

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