Ian Parkes is Autosport's chief Formula 1 correspondent. After starting out in sports journalism with a spell in north London for a group of weekly titles and five years for a press agency in Derby, Ian then joined the Press Association in 1996 where he spent the next 18 and a half years. During that time Ian covered World Cup and Olympic events, and with his first grand prix in France in 1998 before taking on the role of full-time F1 writer with Michael Schumacher’s initial retirement race in Brazil 2006. Ian joined Autosport in May 2015, and has now covered almost 200 GPs.

Features by Ian Parkes
How Hamilton has battled his own mentality Lewis Hamilton has had more than his share of technical problems this year, but has he also created ... 1477958400 F1
Rudderless Renault's F1 goals are a pipe dream At the start of 2016, returning Renault set itself a target of winning within three years and challe... 1475107200 F1
Time for Verstappen to choose his path Max Verstappen is sure to be a world champion. But it's time for him to choose what kind of champion... 1472688000 F1
F1's poor decision making is infuriating Things didn't always work out when F1 was run as a dictatorship, but the indecision shown by those i... 1470268800 F1
Button deserves his Silverstone jinx to end Jenson Button has finished on the Formula 1 podium in 19 countries. His homeland is not among them. ... 1467849600 F1
Why Renault deserves credit for Red Bull resurgence Renault's return to Formula 1 as a works team has been underwhelming so far. But the French manufact... 1465430400 F1
Mercedes is right to confront the 'lunatics' Tempers reached boiling point after the Russian Grand Prix as Toto Wolff hit out at suggestions of f... 1463011200 F1
Why there are no dark clouds over Hamilton The Lewis Hamilton of old would have struggled to deal with the turbulent start he's had in 2016. Bu... 1461542400 F1
F1 actually does need a dictator Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone have suggested Formula 1 drivers are not qualified to offer criticis... 1459987200 F1
What we've learned in Melbourne so far The troubled new qualifying system has dominated the Australian Grand Prix weekend, but Autosport's ... 1458345600 F1
Why F1 could surprise in 2016 Don't fear another Mercedes walkover in F1 just yet, says IAN PARKES, because there are enough varia... 1457568000 F1
Haas gets an F1 reality check Haas appeared to hit the ground running in its debut test but, as IAN PARKES explains, it's learning... 1456876800 F1
Why Mercedes' rivals should be afraid Mercedes spent week one of 2016 Formula 1 testing shielding its potential and pounding round for lap... 1456358400 F1
Why F1's approach to 2017 is crazy Formula 1 continues to drag its heels over the much-hyped rule changes for 2017, and IAN PARKES beli... 1455148800 F1
Why there's more to come from Mercedes' engines Mercedes' quest for 'golden nuggets' in the current F1 engine rules is getting tougher, but it would... 1454976000 F1
Why Renault is asking for patience Renault's launch showed it means business on its comeback to F1 as a works team but, as IAN PARKES e... 1454544000 F1
Haas can score on its F1 debut Only a handful of new Formula 1 teams have finished in the points on their debuts. Haas believes it ... 1452816000 F1
Has Wolff seen more trouble brewing? Wolff's hints that one of Hamilton and Rosberg will have to leave if they can't control their rivalr... 1450310400 F1
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