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Edd Straw is a former Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Autosport, who is now Motorsport Network’s Digital Content Manager.

Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, he joined Autosport in 2002 having graduated from Warwick University. He went on to cover a wide range of categories from club motorsport to the World Touring Car Championship and Le Mans to Formula 3 before switching to F1 full-time at the 2008 French Grand Prix. He then became Autosport Magazine Editor in November 2014.

After becoming Editor-in-Chief of Autosport in June 2016, he took up his current wider Motorsport Network role in October the following year and continues to contribute as a writer, F1 correspondent and as host of The Autosport Podcast.

In his spare time, he was formerly a club racer whose abilities did not match his enthusiasm in a variety of categories ranging from Stock Hatch to the European Ferrari Challenge.

Features by Edd Straw
How F1's new Raikkonen has finally arrived Formula 1 has another no-nonsense driver starting to really find his feet, after a rollercoaster rid... 1524009600 F1
How Red Bull embarrassed Ferrari and Mercedes The Chinese Grand Prix was another example of Daniel Ricciardo's ability to make things happen that ... 1523836800 F1
Is F1 finally set for its big-three battle royale? While Ferrari has been flawless and Mercedes fast but prone to error, a combination of factors have ... 1523577600 F1
Why Red Bull must gamble on Honda Red Bull has been desperate to find an alternative to Renault engines in the V6 hybrid era. Toro Ros... 1523404800 F1
How Mercedes squandered its victory chance Sebastian Vettel pulled off one of his greatest F1 victories in Bahrain, but a defeated Mercedes was... 1523232000 F1
Why Ferrari isn't the team Mercedes should fear The Bahrain Grand Prix is shaping up to be a fascinating contest based on Friday's running. There's ... 1522972800 F1
Brawn's warning to himself on F1's new rules The blueprints for Formula 1's 2021 rules package will be revealed at this weekend's Bahrain Grand P... 1522800000 F1
How McLaren was found out in Australia McLaren celebrated its best result since 2016 with Fernando Alonso's fifth place finish in Melbourne... 1522195200 F1
How Hamilton's needless loss revealed a Mercedes flaw Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes' Australian Grand Prix defeat wasn't unlucky, it was completely avoidabl... 1522022400 F1
How Ferrari has engineered itself into a hole Ferrari opted to make major changes to its design philosophy for 2018, but the opening practice sess... 1521763200 F1
Why ageing Hamilton needs to dig deeper than ever Lewis Hamilton will undoubtedly go down as the standout driver in Formula 1's current era, but, with... 1521590400 F1
How Mercedes exposes the scale of Renault’s challenge The current Renault team has won races and titles in multiple guises, and has grand plans for expans... 1520899200 F1
10 things we learned from the final F1 test F1 teams had to play catch-up this week after a pretty meaningless first test, and four busy days of... 1520640000 F1
The clear winner of the F1 testing war The two weeks of 2018 pre-season Formula 1 testing might have been more difficult to read than in pr... 1520553600 F1
Ranking the F1 field from trackside The stopwatch can be deceptive during Formula 1 testing, but watching the cars' behaviour from track... 1520467200 F1
How bad is McLaren's post-Honda era so far? McLaren has got rid of Honda, but is having another troubled winter - while Toro Rosso seems to be g... 1520294400 F1
Has Honda finally woken from its F1 nightmare? Toro Rosso's offering on lap times might have been modest during the opening pre-season Formula 1 te... 1519862400 F1
Why Renault is creating fresh doubts for Red Bull From what we've seen of Red Bull's 2018 challenger so far, there are plenty of signs its chassis cou... 1519776000 F1

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