Autosport's Power List 2019
Power List Top 50 Most Influential People in Motorsport

A new annual feature 28th August 2019

Autosport's Top 50 Drivers of 2018

Welcome to Autosport’s 2019 Motorsport Power List

This list covers the 50 most powerful people in global motorsport – with all roles, both in and out of the spotlight, considered.

‘Power’ here means influence and impact, not simply wealth or vision. These are the top 50 people who have delivered the motorsport world we know now. No role or status is off limits if it has power and that authority has been demonstrated.

This list is of course naturally subjective, but it is the result of reasoned debate between our in-house experts and the following order is the conclusion of their collective judgement.

As this is a new feature that we will be returning to in years to come, we have included a number of figures who have burgeoning power within motorsport and who are likely to become more prominent in the coming years.

Edd Straw, Stuart Codling, Adam Cooper, Jonathan Noble, Scott Mitchell, Alex Kalinauckas, Lewis Duncan, Gary Watkins, David Malsher, James Newbold, David Evans, Jack Benyon, Tom Errington, Matt Beer, Andrew van de Burgt, Charles Bradley.