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Nelson Piquet Jr column: New Formula E car will shake up tactics

I was very pleased to be racing in Punta del Este last weekend because it's such a beautiful location

Nelson Piquet Jr column: Risky Jaguar Formula E switch is paying off

We are in a position where we never thought we were going to be - potentially fighting for a top-three - so I am taking maybe a little bit more risks in general

Nelson Piquet Jr column: Why things are working out for Jaguar in Formula E

After the first three races of season four, it's good to be able to say that we're much closer to the leaders than we would have imagined when we started the championship

Nelson Piquet Jr column: Why I love street racing in Formula E

I've been in Formula E since the start of the championship [becoming the series' first champion] and to be honest I wasn't sure to start with about driving on all street tracks. But I got used to it and for some reason in FE I just started doing really well on that type of track