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How Formula E has gone from 'fad' to strong motorsport career route

Formula E has gone from being a "fad" to the ideal long-term motorsport career path, says one of its leading team bosses

Motorsport Jobs: How students can make a difference in teams

British Formula 4 team owner Joe Sharp says students wanting a motorsport career should not be afraid or suggesting ideas or asking questions, as it can help outfits overcome problems

Motorsport Jobs: Why data engineering is a key motorsport career

AmD Tuning British Touring Car Championship team managing director Shaun Hollamby believes anyone aiming for a top-level motorsport engineering career should start as a data engineer

Motorsport Jobs: How FE is luring engineers from national level

Recruiting fresh engineering talent for national championships has become more difficult amid the lure of Formula E, says Century Motorsport team owner Nathan Freke

How to start a motorsport engineering career in national racing

The UK has a rich motorsport heritage, and it starts at the grassroots where both teams and drivers aiming to go all the way to Formula 1 learn their craft

Motorsport Jobs: The qualities needed to work on the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is arguably the toughest rally event in the world, spanning two weeks across some of the harshest terrains in rallying and requires highly-skilled individuals to succeed

Motorsport Jobs: Why climbing ladder is best way to IndyCar career

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports' Piers Phillips describes IndyCar as a challenging field to work in, but says having US racing experience offers the best opportunity to be employed by a team

Motorsport Jobs: Why Techeetah boss says students should look at FE

Techeetah team principal Mark Preston believes students and young engineers should be looking towards autonomous vehicles, electric power and ultimately Formula E as a career path

Motorsport Jobs: Find your role in motorsport at the MIA Jobs Fair

Are you thinking about a career in motorsport or the automotive sector? An engineering student and want to know which route to take? Or an experienced professional looking for the next step in your career?

Motorsport Jobs: Why work experience is key to getting noticed

From Motorsport Jobs - how aspiring professionals can get their first step on the ladder from work experience

Motorsport Jobs: From novice to McLaren engineering expert

From Motorsport Jobs - how you can learn the skills you need for a successful career in engineering

Motorsport Jobs: How Roborace could become a career route

Roborace CEO and Audi Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi says Roborace is increasingly an opportunity for a career in new-wave autonomous technology

Motorsport Jobs: From a building site to working for McLaren

From Motorsport Jobs - the unusual paths taken to careers at McLaren's Automotive arm

Motorsport Jobs: Why autonomous racing offers new opportunities

With the launch of Formula E's driver-less support category Roborace later this year, autonomous vehicles are already making their presence felt in motorsport

Motorsport Jobs: Is motorsport education a route to working in F1?

Working in Formula 1 is a fantastic opportunity but getting to that position is a difficult task

How the motorsport marketplace is about to change

Although the motorsport world is extremely advanced, it is miles behind other industries in terms of a digital presence for companies to buy and sell

How does working in motorsport compare to the automotive industry

The motorsport and automotive industries are similar in some respects, and working in either will require a high level of dedication and expertise

Motorsport Jobs: How can motorsport benefit other industries?

It's easy to assume that innovations born from motorsport's challenging and competitive environment only have value within the sport, but as Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO Chris Aylett has outlined this would be a mistaken view

How to get a job in motorsport – five top tips to get into F1 and more

Motorsport is a competitive world and there are many job seekers who would love to start a career in this industry

What’s it like working in Formula 1 and how do I get a job in it?

Formula 1 is extremely competitive off-track as well as on it, so trying to find a job in such a challenging and demanding industry will always be a struggle

Motorsport Jobs: How useful is a mechanical engineering degree?

A degree in motorsport engineering can open many doors for a future career in the industry with teams all over the world looking for future talent

What is it really like to try to find a job in motorsport?

Graduate and aspiring motorsport engineer Roberto Marino gives us a real insight into what it is like when you are trying to get that first step into motorsport

Motorsport Jobs: The real cost of recruitment in motorsport

Recruitment is an expensive process, so hiring the right candidate is vital for a business financially as well as productively