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Edd Straw is a former Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Autosport, who is now Motorsport Network’s Digital Content Manager.

Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, he joined Autosport in 2002 having graduated from Warwick University. He went on to cover a wide range of categories from club motorsport to the World Touring Car Championship and Le Mans to Formula 3 before switching to F1 full-time at the 2008 French Grand Prix. He then became Autosport Magazine Editor in November 2014.

After becoming Editor-in-Chief of Autosport in June 2016, he took up his current wider Motorsport Network role in October the following year and continues to contribute as a writer, F1 correspondent and as host of The Autosport Podcast.

In his spare time, he was formerly a club racer whose abilities did not match his enthusiasm in a variety of categories ranging from Stock Hatch to the European Ferrari Challenge.

Features by Edd Straw
What we've learned from Alonso's sportscar debut so far A less-than-perfect test, but Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso has completed his on-track preparation ... 1515369600 IMSA
The four-way 2018 battle Mexico promised The 2017 Formula 1 championship battle was decided by a collision, and after that the title rivals w... 1509321600 F1
Mexican Grand Prix driver ratings Two title contenders charging from the back, an utterly dominant winner, but the absolute hero of th... 1509321600 F1
Red Bull has winning pace but a major problem Friday practice at Mexico City suggested Red Bull has the car to beat. But that pace alone might not... 1509062400 F1
Why Ferrari's latest defeat was the most painful After three disastrous weekends, a second place for Vettel and double podium for Ferrari doesn't loo... 1508716800 F1
United States GP driver ratings Nobody earned a perfect score at Austin this weekend, but several drivers through the field came ver... 1508716800 F1
The mysteries emerging at the US GP On paper it looks like another Austin race that is Lewis Hamilton's to lose, but the closer you look... 1508544000 F1
Why 2017 would be Hamilton's greatest title In two of Lewis Hamilton's three title-winning years, his main source of competition has come from w... 1507161600 F1
Why Vettel's title chance is down to 23 per cent It was obvious that Sebastian Vettel's Singapore Grand Prix startline disaster was a huge blow to hi... 1506384000 F1
Vettel only has himself to blame for title blow The Singapore Grand Prix should have been one of Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari's best opportunities t... 1505692800 F1
Singapore Grand Prix driver ratings Some low scores at the front of the field, but the start chaos allowed plenty of the usual midfield ... 1505692800 F1
Why Red Bull's hopes of domination are real On Friday in Singapore, Daniel Ricciardo did something a Red Bull driver hasn't done for years: decl... 1505433600 F1
Why Hamilton is not F1's greatest ever qualifier Lewis Hamilton made Formula 1's all-time pole record his own last weekend. There are other contender... 1504828800 F1
Why Raikkonen remains a risk for Ferrari At arguably his best Formula 1 venue, Spa, Kimi Raikkonen looked a man reinvigorated at Ferrari. But... 1503964800 F1
Why Alonso will not win another F1 title What will Fernando Alonso will do for 2018? The answer's unlikely to have a bearing on next year's t... 1503014400 F1
What if Kubica's rally crash never happened? Grand prix history changed for the poorer when Robert Kubica suffered a rally crash before the start... 1502236800 F1
F1’s DNA myth is as damaging as ‘fake news’ You might think denouncing F1's metaphorical 'DNA' argument is pedantic. But there's an insidious si... 1501632000 F1
Why is F1 running out of drivers? Next week's post-Hungarian Grand Prix test will exhibit a number of future grand prix hopefuls. But ... 1500940800 F1

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