Sponsored: Meta Drivers: When real gifts emerge from the Metaverse

A new NFT project with a motorsport theme is born. The Meta Drivers project regularly releases new information on its Discord group.


Web 3, NFT, Metaverse... A vocabulary that we hear more and more around us and that is taking up more and more media space every day. And while the development of unique digital asset projects that can be acquired in cryptocurrencies is exploding everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to understand what makes them different or what usefulness they have!

High-level sport, in particular, has become an attractive playground for blockchain-based token project holders, or those interested in gaming and augmented reality experiences. The bridges and interactions between these different worlds are obvious, while keeping in mind that many (if not most) investors are only interested in NFTs to take part in financial speculation opportunities... which in no way takes away from fans of technological experiences or sports enthusiasts or collectors the pleasure of being able to appropriate a unique item, and make use of it or not among the range of opportunities offered.

Subscribe to the NFT Meta Drivers Discords account to win prizes


The Meta Drivers project, which is coming out of the ground this week after a careful development, will obviously interest us because of its DNA oriented towards the world of car racing, as well as for what it offers beyond the pure purchase of NFT works...such as winning interesting gifts!

As F1 and the teams dive into this world with open arms, Meta Drivers presents itself as an initial collection of 6666 NFTs depicting 3D racing drivers. All unique, these pieces will not only be collectable, but will also allow their owners to take part in exclusive games and events in the Metaverse (virtual reality) from June. It will be possible to win prizes, which will be particularly tempting for any motorsports fan. Thus, Fanatec steering wheels or complete Playseat simracing kits, VIP tickets for major motor sports events worth nearly €2,000 each and many other surprises will be up for grabs by animating the Meta Drivers community.

Win prizes even without acquiring an NFT

Meta Drivers does not only offer rewards to collectors of its products. The project has many facets, described in the dedicated Discord account. By simply subscribing to it, users are entered into a number of free, no-obligation competitions that offer attractive prizes until 27 February. It's time to join!

On the artistic side, the project does not stop there: the developers' aim is to create and maintain an active community with a passion for motor sports, on which everything relies to bring the environment imagined in the Metaverse to life, and to engage NFT owners in the long term by "hodding" [keeping] their acquisitions rather than speculating excessively with them, notably thanks to the possible gains of prizes and actions conducted by the project.

Win gifts with Meta Drivers!


Real-life embodiments

Relying on the Ethereum protocol, Meta Drivers is thus moving to the real side with its playful ambition, and the organisation of physical events. The project wants to have a real reach and will allow its users to participate in a $100,000 collection for a charity dedicated to road safety, or to finance a young driver for a professional karting season.

The drop of the NFT Meta Drivers collection is imminent and can be followed by subscribing to the dedicated Discord account. You will find exclusive visuals, regular information on the products, their use, physical and virtual events, as well as a community animated by interviews with personalities from the world of motorsports.


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