Formula Renault 3.5 changes race format after Spa crash and vote

Formula Renault 3.5 has abandoned the mandatory low-downforce format that had been in place for its Saturday races in 2015, following a controversy in the last round at Spa

Formula Renault 3.5 changes race format after Spa crash and vote

From the next event at the Hungaroring on June 13-14, teams will have a free choice of aero settings and eight DRS uses available - as has been the case on Sundays - for all races.

A crash for Draco driver Pietro Fantin in Friday practice at Spa had raised questions over the low-downforce format (LDF).

Spa recap: Crash prompts FR3.5 format vote

Although there was no certainty that LDF caused the accident, a subsequent vote in the drivers' briefing indicated that a majority wanted the format dropped.

Carlin team manager Ricky Taylor was among those calling for changes at Spa.

"I understand the idea that having a car with lower downforce makes better drivers," said Taylor.

"But the trouble with it is, when [the car] does go, it is irretrievable. At least with high downforce drivers can catch it.

"I would rather have downforce levels open, so it is part of your engineering package. The LDF causes more work because you have to put different ratios in each day so there is more work for the mechanics.

"The other trouble with LDF is the DRS doesn't really have much effect. With high downforce it has a huge impact.

"I am just not sure what it is there for; if you get to F1 you're not going to have to deal with two different configuration of cars in one weekend."

Although most in the paddock were in favour of changing the regulations, Lotus engineer Michiel Gommers was opposed to the change happening mid-season.

"I was always against LDF before they introduced it, because it doesn't bring anything," said Gommers.

"But all my development in the winter has been on LDF, we have next to no running or set-up work on high downforce, because when it is free most people have a medium choice as a compromise.

"Why should I be penalised for doing a good job?

"To complain now is a total over-reaction to one crash."


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