Renault F1 to modify its DRS after Austrian GP practice issues

Renault will make an overnight modification to its DRS mechanism after an unusual oscillation was seen on the flaps of both its Formula 1 cars in Austrian Grand Prix practice

Although the exact cause of the problem is still being investigated, Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul told Autosport that the team has decided to make the change as the first step in preventing a repeat.

The team also experienced a DRS issue on the second day of pre-season testing at Barcelona earlier this year, when Daniel Ricciardo's car lost its main flap.

Speaking about his car's DRS flap after second practice in Austria, Ricciardo said: "She was pretty flappy, having a grand old time.

"[It was] not ideal, felt like it wanted to tango a little.

"I couldn't tell you why or what, I'm not an aerodynamicist, but obviously the boys are looking at it now and maybe it's to do with the crosswinds messing it up a bit; it was certainly getting jiggy so we'll figure it out."

Ricciardo admitted the team had some work to do to improve its performance, as he and Nico Hulkenberg could only muster 17th and 16th respectively in FP2.

"We were certainly struggling a bit this afternoon and trying to find an answer," he said.

"And it was disrupted a bit with red flags so we tried another low fuel run to see if we can understand a bit more.

"I would say it was one of our more difficult Friday's and for sure it's better when you have a good Friday, I'm still confident we'll find an answer tonight.

"It seems me and Nico both have the same issues and we're complaining in the same areas so that gives the team at least one direction to try and chase - we're not pulling them in different areas and I think both of us trying to chase the same area will give them a better chance to find it tonight."

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