Red Bull: F1 rivals would love to see us fall flat on our face

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says his squad’s Formula 1 rivals are hoping “we’re gonna fall on our face” by building and racing its own engine from 2026.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

The team is currently embarking on its Red Bull Powertrains project, which was formed in the wake of Honda’s decision to pull out of F1 in an official capacity back in 2021 – a decision the Japanese manufacturer has since reversed and by 2026 will supply Aston Martin with engines as a part of a new works deal.

Although Red Bull has been a de facto works F1 outfit at various points during its 18-year stint as an F1 entrant – first with Renault and then with Honda – building its Powertrains division is an entirely new and bigger scope for its efforts.

Red Bull is currently enjoying what Horner calls a “halcyon period” during an exclusive interview with Autosport, with the team joining Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Mercedes in securing 100 F1 race wins with Max Verstappen’s victory last time out in Canada, and appears well on its way to securing a 2023 world title double.

When asked if he believed Red Bull gets enough credit for its success since taking over the Jaguar squad in 2005 – since then only Mercedes heads it in terms of drivers’ and constructors’ titles won in that period (seven and eight versus six and five), but Red Bull has reached 100 victories in the quickest time – Horner replied: “I think when you’re in the moment it’s very difficult to say.

“It’s only when you stand back and look at what’s been achieved [things sink in]. So, at some point that will inevitably happen.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Patrick Vinet / Motorsport Images

“We’re still relatively the new kids on the block. We’re still one of the newer teams in Formula 1, as it were.

“But you can see the following of the team growing and growing. And only history will dictate what we go on to ultimately achieve and do.

“We’ve got some exciting chapters coming up, as we become our own power unit manufacturer.

“There’s probably a lot of people that think we’re gonna fall on our face by picking that route.

“But, believe me, there’s determination within this group to make sure that it succeeds.”

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