Norris expected Hamilton to get further F1 track limits penalties in Austrian GP

Lando Norris believes Lewis Hamilton was due to receive more track limits penalties than he did during the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W14, Lando Norris, McLaren MCL60

As the track limits saga continued to dominate the Austrian event, eight drivers received track limit penalties, including Hamilton, and the issue is central to a post-race protest launched by Aston Martin.

While Hamilton did get hit with a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits at Turn 10, Norris felt he was due to gain further penalties due to continued transgressions when chasing the Mercedes driver in the first part of the race.

"I was doing a live commentary on every single corner pretty much. And he [Hamilton] only got a five-second penalty. Maybe I should have commented more," Norris told Sky Sports F1. "He did like four strikes in one lap."

Speaking to the written media after the race, Norris went into greater detail, and while he didn't fully blame Hamilton for it, he felt the Mercedes driver was taking risks that could have been punished.

"I didn't feel, I knew [about the track limit transgressions]," Norris said. "If you go wide you get a penalty but somehow he didn't get a penalty so I am a bit confused.

"I was only behind Lewis and I feel for him because in his position he has a car behind, I can't describe what he must be feeling at that point, to him it was the other way around, to stay ahead of a quicker car that has DRS and pushing like this at every single corner.

"You have one little snap, all the wind changes through the corner and you can end up off the track, so the fact you get penalised because of the change of nature in the middle of a corner is a bit of a nasty thing.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL60, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W14

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL60, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W14

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

"It is just very difficult, easy to understand and of course it makes us look a bit silly from the outside but it is also life, it is the rules and we have to stick to it."

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Norris feels even the gravel deterrents at Turn 4 and Turn 6 aren't sufficient due to a small strip of grass between the track and the gravel, meaning drivers can still be at risk of track limit infringements.

While the McLaren driver concedes he doesn't have a solution to mind, he did point out all drivers are capable of avoiding track limits if they took less risk.

"As drivers we want to put gravel there [at Turns 9 and 10] like we have on the exit of Turn 4 and the exit of Turn 6 but even there we get penalised because there is the space of 2cm to be over the white line and still not touch the gravel," he explained.

"We get a penalty even if we do that. For me that is silly, there we should just be able to use the gravel as a limit and if you go on the gravel you've messed up, you make a mistake, you get punished.

"You cannot do that everywhere as MotoGP races here and the reason you cannot do it is because of MotoGP in the last two corners and that is where the majority of people got the track limits.

"It is not up to me to come up with something, it is up to everyone else to stay within the track limits. I'm sure I'd be saying something else if I got a penalty today.

"I backed off a lot more in the last few corners, but everyone can do that. It is difficult and not as easy as saying back off. Especially when you are pushing and trying to stay ahead of cars and race the cars.

"I feel like I am making it sound easier than it is and I don't want to do that but at the same time if you cannot keep it on track then you've got to go slower."

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