Newey’s ‘challenge the system’ approach a boost to Red Bull F1 success 

Adrian Newey’s willingness to ‘challenge the system’ at Red Bull has been singled out as a big benefit in helping the team push forward with its Formula 1 success. 

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing celebrates with Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing

The legendary F1 designer is currently Red Bull’s chief technical officer and, although he admits the countdown to his retirement is now underway, he still maintains a hands-on involvement in the squad. 

Red Bull technical director Pierre Wache thinks that the manner of Newey’s involvement, in looking at the big picture, works really well in helping the team get the best out of itself. 

“The structure is done to have people we trust in the system, either at the track or at the factory, and to be able to develop the work in the way we want to,” Wache told Autosport. 

“Adrian, he's going to each area where he wants to be able to interact with everybody and will challenge the system.

“It's a chance for him to be able to go into small details in some areas, and then bigger pictures in others. 

“When you do your job, and you have somebody at the side you know well, if you take that step back it can be a massive benefit. 

“The intention of everybody in the team is to make the car quicker, but the way that everybody is doing it will be different. So I think the balance we have is quite good.” 

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Red Bull Content Pool

As well as looking at the big picture for Red Bull, Wache says Newey was able to offer some direct advice when it came to the new ground effect rules that came into force at the start of 2022. 

Newey famously studied the ground effect phenomenon while at university and began working in F1 just at the end of its previous ground effect era. 

The historic knowledge he had from that time was believed to be a big help to Red Bull in putting it on the right path with its aero concept. 

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Suggestions that Newey’s guidance helped Red Bull avert being so exposed to porpoising have been denied by Wache, but he does say there was clear guidance about another key aspect of the new generation of cars – floor stiffness. 

“On the bouncing, not, but on others yes,” he said about what Newey tipped the team off about ground effect cars. 

“On some floor stiffness, and everything that it should be, it was highlighted before. The porpoising was not anticipated before, but the ride was anticipated.”

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