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Latest from Austria

Start: Coulthard punts Hakkinen into a spin at turn two, Barrichello moves up to 2nd and tries to pass Coulthard . Johnny Herbert hit from behind and loses rear wing.

Lap one: Coulthard leads Barrichello by 1.2s. Then Irvine, Frentzen, Salo, Villeneuve. Herbert pits for new rear wing

Lap two: Salo's front wing drooping, team preparing new nose section. The Ferrari was the culprit in the Johnny Herbert incident. Hakkinen running 20th

Lap three: Salo pits for new wing. Hakkinen up to 18th ahead of Zanardi and the two Arrows

Lap four: Coulthard leads by 4s from Barrichello, Irvine, Frentzen,Villeneuve, Ralf Schumacher

Lap five: Coulthard 2s a lap faster than Barrichello. Herbert rejoins. Villeneuve holding up Schumacher and Diniz. Hakkinen stuck behind Takagi in 16th

Lap six: Coulthard coming up to lap Badoer, who has been off the road. Hakkinen ahead of both Arrows'. Damon Hill trying to pass Jarno Trulli into turn one. Diniz working on Schumacher.

Lap seven: Irvine dropping back from Barrichello slightly. Frentzen 4th, then Villeneuve, Schumacher, Diniz, Fisichella, Zonta, Wurz, Alesi, Trulli, Hakkinen, Hill

Lap eight: Coulthard leads by 8s. Irvine closer to Barrichello again. Hakkinen passes Trulli into turn two. Ralf Schumacher off in gravel at turn two after braking too late trying to hold off Diniz for 6th. Bogs down and retires. Trulli back ahead of Hakkinen

Lap nine: Waved yellows for Schumacher incident mean Hakkinen has to stay behind Trulli

Lap ten: Coulthard leads by 9.8s.

Lap eleven: Hakkinen finally passes Trulli at turn two. Hill tries to follow him through

Lap twelve: Diniz passes Villeneuve for 5th into turn two. Coulthard leads by 11s. Barrichello and Irvine stuck behind Badoer. Alesi passes Wurz with amazing piece of late-braking into turn one. Hakkinen tries to follow him around the outside at turn two, fails, then takes Wurz on the inside into turn four

Lap fourteen: Hakkinen trying to pass Alesi and Zonta. Alesi takes Zonta at turn three. Barrichello putting on a charge and catching Coulthard slightly

Lap fifteen: Hakkinen takes Zonta into turn one for 9th place

Lap sixteen: Coulthard leads by 12s, Barrichello is 4s ahead of Irvine in 2nd. Alesi working very hard on Fisichella for 7th. Diniz has pulled away from Villeneuve by 7s

Lap seventeen: Alesi and Fisichella nearly collide into turn one. Hakkinen very close behind. Alesi then takes the place into turn two.

Lap eighteen: Coulthard is 36s ahead of Hakkinen who is struggling to pass Fisichella. Gets ahead into turn two. Alesi now all over Villeneuve and looking for 6th place

Lap nineteen: Alesi passes Villeneuve. Saubers now 5th and 6th from row eight on the grid. Coulthard now 13s ahead of Barrichello and sets fastest lap

Lap twenty: Hakkinen takes Villeneuve for 7th into turn two. Coulthard leads Barrichello, Irvine, Frentzen, Diniz, Alesi, Hakkinen, Villeneuve, Fisichella, Wurz, Trulli, Hill, Zonta, De la Rosa, Takagi, Zanardi

Lap twenty-one: Badoer is the first man to pit. Zonta losing places under braking

Lap twenty-two: Alesi lapping faster than everyone else on the track and closing on his team mate Pedro Diniz. Mika Hakkinen sets new fastest lap, 1:13.268s

Lap twenty-three: Sauber team preparing for a pit stop.

Lap twenty-four: Coulthard lapping around 0.6s slower than his persuers. Pedro Diniz stops for first time, 9.9s

Lap twenty-five: Coulthard picks up the pace again. Alesi pits for 8.1s stop

Lap twenty-six: Takagi slows on course and pulls off.

Lap twenty-eight: Mika Hakkinen runs 5th, Ferrari team in the pit lane

Lap twenty-nine: Hakkinen sets fastest lap, 1:12.93s. Closing on Frentzen in 4th by 1.5s per lap

Lap thirty: Hakkinen on Frentzen's tail

Lap thirty-one: Alesi and Diniz running 12th and 13th after their stops. Hakkinen stuck behind Frentzen. Panis and Salo both pass De La Rosa but Salo is lapping way off the pace

Lap thirty-two: Hakkinen still 5th but now only 30s behind Coulthard

La thirty-three: Hakkinen takes 4th into turn one, Frentzen has to leap out of the way as the two cars nearly touch

Lap thirty-four: Hakkinen is 17s behind Irvine but lapping over a second faster. Barrichello is 2s ahead of Irvine who can make no impression on the Stewart

Lap thirty-five: Villeneuve cruises into the pits and retires. Hakkinen sets new fastest lap, 1:12.707s. Marc Gene pits. Salo about to be lapped by Coulthard

Lap thirty-six: Zanardi slows to a crawl and retires. Hakkinen fastest again, 1:12.585s.

Lap thirty-seven: Stewart team in the pit lane.

Lap thirty-eight: Barrichello pits then held back because of traffic in the pit lane. Stationery for 12.5s and rejoins behind Frentzen in 5th

Lap thirty-nine: Coulthard pits from lead. 10.5s halt then rejoins 3rd right behind Hakkinen

Lap forty: De la Rosa spins into retirement. Hakkinen pits, 9.6s stop. Irvine leading but hasn't stopped. Hakkinen rejoins in 5th behind Barrichello

Lap forty-one: Ferrari mechanics in the pit lane. Irvine leads by 19s before his stop. Salo stops for 9.0s as Irvine sets his best lap of the race

Lap forty-two: Irvine extends his lead to 21s. Frentzen is the only other top man yet to stop

Lap forty-three: Irvine now 22.6s ahead and about to pit. Herbert and Fisichella in

Lap forty-four: Irvine into the pits. Stops for 8.6s and comes out ahead of Coulthard and Barrichello. Leads by 2.2s

Lap forty-five: Irvine leads but Coulthard catching. Frentzen pits and down to 5th ahead of Alesi. Hakkinen right on Barrichello's tail. Trulli and Hill pit having run 6th and 7th

Lap forty-six: Hakkinen stuck behind Barrichello who is faster on the straights. Saubers running 6th and 7th. Then Wurz, Fisichella, Panis, Trulli, Hill, Zonta, Gene, Badoer and Herbert. Only Panis hasn't stopped

Lap forty-seven: Panis pits

Lap forty-eight: Irvine leads by 1.9s as he comes up to lap Salo who is working to pass Zonta for 12th. Salo lets Irvine past

Lap forty-nine: Coulthard still behind Salo, Hakkinen still behind Barrichello but passes with inspired move into turn four from a long way back

Lap fifty: Alesi retires from 6th, Coulthard finally laps Salo

Lap fifty-one: Irvine leads by 3.5s and pulling away

Lap fifty-two: Hakkinen is 15s behind Coulthard and runs 3rd

Lap fifty-three: Irvine leads Coulthard, Hakkinen, Barrichello, Frentzen and Wurz after Diniz pits and drops to 8th. Hakkinen lapping 0.5s faster than his team mate

Lap fifty-four: Irvine 3.1s ahead, losing a little time passing Badoer

Lap fifty-five: Barrichello pulls off and retires in a cloud of smoke. Both Benettons now in the pits. Fisichella has high-speed off into last corner and goes through gravel. Rejoins across grass. Irvine and Coulthard 2.4s apart and coming up to lap Hill

Lap forty-seven: Coulthard now 2.1s behind. Irvine gets sideways in turn two

Lap forty-eight: Diniz up to 6th after Fisichella's off

Lap fifty-nine: Irvine gets sideways in final corner and Coulthard closes to within 1.8s

Lap sixty: Leaders lap Hill and move up behind Trulli and Fisichella. Gap between Irvine and Coulthard now 1.6s

Lap sixty-one: Coulthard spends whole lap stuck behind Trulli and drops to 2.2s behind Irvine

Lap sixty-two: Hakkinen stuck in major traffic. Frentzen 4th, Wurz 5th, Diniz 6th, Fisichella 7th, Trulli 8th

Lap sixty-three: Coulthard lapping 0.6s quicker than Irvine now they are out of the traffic. Gap is 1.7s again

Lap sixty-four: Irvine and Coulthard set nearly identical lap times. Both about to lap Fisichella. Zonta retires.

Lap sixty-five: Irvine has big lock-up. Gap is now 1.2s Both take Fisichella easily

Lap sixty-six: Coulthard now just 0.6s behind Irvine

Lap sixty-seven: Gap stays the same, Irvine appears to be struggling under braking

Lap sixty-eight: Coulthard sets his best lap of the race

Lap sixty-nine: Irvine locking up a lot, Fisichella has engine failure and retires

Lap seventy-one: Irvine leads into last lap.

Finish: Irvine wins by inches. Coulthard 2nd, Hakkinen 3rd

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