Japanese GP preview quotes: Sauber

Nico Hulkenberg: "I really enjoy going to Suzuka, as it is always a cool weekend and special as both a Grand Prix and a circuit. Drivers like challenges and this is certainly a very challenging track. It is a classic track - a bit like Spa - and one that just puts a big smile on everyone's face. From the moment you get there the welcome is always really enthusiastic. The fans are polite and very cute. I especially love the way they wave with both hands, and I shall certainly try to learn this double wave as it looks great. Of course, the track has two amazing corners in the Esses and 130R. In a Formula One car it is a great track to drive on, and one where you can really use the downforce and certainly feel it. It is a very high G force track, which means it is quite physical, especially on the neck. Away from the track I also enjoy the food, especially the teppanyaki and sushi. It goes without saying I would like to have a good result there and, after finishing seventh last year, I am going in a very optimistic mood."

Esteban Gutierrez: "Suzuka is a circuit I always wanted to drive on. I know it very well from all the onboard footage that I've watched, and I know the track from last year when I went with the team to the GP. It's an interesting track with a lot of fast corners and it's quite technical too. I can already say it will be one of my most favourites. I'm looking forward to going to Japan again. The fans are amazing, they know a lot about Formula One, and they even knew me last year when I was the reserve and test driver. It's a great atmosphere, there is a good energy, and seeing the fans so passionate about the sport motivates me too."

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering: "Suzuka is one of the most technically challenging circuits for both drivers and engineers. Knowing the best places to compromise is very important, and this is the case particularly in the first sector, as one corner leads straight into the next with multiple changes of direction. It is important to give the driver confidence in the car so that he can get into a good rhythm. The majority of the corners are medium to high speed, with only two slow speed corners per lap. The fantastic circuit and enthusiasm of the local fans makes it one of the most enjoyable races of the season. The nature of the track makes it hard on the tyres so Pirelli is bringing its most durable compounds - the medium and hard. Overtaking is not easy, so again we will focus on a strong qualifying to give ourselves the best chance of scoring points."

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