Hamilton: Second in F1 standings is “a huge achievement” for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton believes that second position for his Mercedes Formula 1 team in the constructors’ world championship with the difficult W15 is a “huge achievement” and “pretty amazing.”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Mercedes got its 2023 season off to a slow start with a car that hadn’t progressed enough from last season.

However, after a significant upgrade programme the team has been logging points on a regular basis, with Hamilton and team-mate George Russell sharing four podium finishes between them in the last six races.

The team is currently 51 points clear of third-placed Aston Martin, and 56 ahead of Ferrari in fourth.

Hamilton’s positive comments echo those of Russell, who has countered suggestions that the team's season has been a failure by highlighting the points situation.

"I think it's a huge achievement,” Hamilton noted when asked about the championship position. “And I think it’s something that I feel has been a little bit overlooked, if I’m honest.

“I'm really proud of the team, the progress and the steps we have taken. The car [initially] feeling almost an identical car to last year, to making all the changes we have, and there are some small adjustments we are making, moving forwards over this next couple races.

“We have since small bits added to the car this weekend. Absolutely every point of downforce, every little bit that we add, makes a difference.

“And so I'm super grateful for everyone back in the factory for continuing to push even through the hard times. And just staying focussed, with the belief that we will get there at some point, just to keep churning away the good work.

“So for us to be second in the constructors' championship considering how others have started this year, like how McLaren are doing with their big turnaround, Aston who came out the blocks really great, I think it's pretty amazing.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Photo by: Erik Junius

“And it's down to all these amazing people back at the factory and the crew that we have here. Also the drivers are doing not a bad job!

“My goal is to try and make sure the team keep that second place in the championship and try and hunt down second in the drivers' championship. That's my goal. So that'll be fun."

Asked about the current domination of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Hamilton said he hoped Mercedes would be a position to take advantage of any slip-ups by the world champions.

"There is a high chance that they win every race,” he said. “But we're hopeful that we can challenge them at some point, whether it's this weekend, or who knows where.

“And if there are any mistakes, any mishaps we will be right there to try and capitalise on them.

"He hasn't made any yet, and the team hasn't made any I think this year anyway. So yeah, they might win everything. Hopefully later on in the year we'll get closer maybe."

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