Hamilton: Apple documentary will inspire kids like Senna BTS film

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton hopes the forthcoming Apple TV documentary about his life will inspire children like he was by a film made with his Formula 1 idol Ayrton Senna.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG, 2nd position, signs autographs for fans after the race

The feature documentary project was announced by Apple in March of last year. It will entail a film crew shadowing the seven-time world champion both in the F1 paddock and in his personal life. This and archive footage will be spliced alongside high-profile interviewees.

While details thereafter are scarce, it is known that the behind-the-scenes programme will be produced by Hamilton, sports and media talent manager Penni Thow - who has been working with Hamilton since early 2021 - as well as Box to Box Films and One Community.

Hamilton says he hopes that the final production can replicate the example set in 1992 by the 52-minute documentary ‘Racing Is In My Blood’, which shadowed the life of three-time champion Senna.

As is expected with the contemporary Apple TV project, that film tracked Senna - who was then a McLaren driver - through his early life, initial karting success and F1 breakthrough with Toleman. 

It was also noted for offering a rare glimpse into the Brazilian’s home life in Brazil.

Hamilton said of progress with his production: “My documentary along with Apple, it feels different. It feels strange having a camera following you around.

“It's about my life. It's about my career and the journey to where I am with the hope really of doing what Ayrton's Senna Documentary did for me as a kid.

Hamilton hopes his documentary can have a similar effect on young people as a 1992 release featuring Senna had on him.

Hamilton hopes his documentary can have a similar effect on young people as a 1992 release featuring Senna had on him.

Photo by: Ercole Colombo

“So, something new and fresh maybe.

“Hopefully this will be able to do that for the next young kid that's watching, coming home from school and dreaming of something.

“Hopefully they'll be able to watch this and be inspired to do something great themselves.”

Hamilton is also notably involved with the forthcoming Hollywood F1-based blockbuster that is being helmed by ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ director Joe Kosinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and will star Brad Pitt.

The driver’s main involvement is understood to be with refining the script to ensure it stays accurate and authentic where possible to the championship. He is also pushing for a diverse cast.

Production for the as-yet-untitled movie has begun based at Silverstone, while a bespoke FIA F2-level hero car has been constructed for Pitt to drive.

The plot will focus on Pitt’s lead character mentoring a rising F1 racer.

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