F1 teams failed to provide consensus to create fourth DRS zone

Formula 1 teams failed to provide a "clear consensus" when consulted by the FIA over an additional DRS zone being adopted for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

A view of the track

Drivers have expressed their surprise that a fourth DRS zone has not been added on the revised back straight amid concerns over a lack of overtaking at the Marina Bay circuit.

A layout change is owed to construction work around the final sector, which has led to the characteristic 90-degree Turns 16-19 being replaced by a long straight with a high-speed kink.

Drivers plan to use the Friday briefing to lobby the FIA for an extra DRS zone, but any trial for FP1 is extremely unlikely to be given the green light due to safety concerns over its last-minute nature.

However, the FIA has said that it was originally willing to embrace changes to the configuration but that there was no "clear consensus" when teams were consulted in advance of this weekend's race.

A statement supplied to Autosport read: "We won't be assessing any additional DRS zones for the Singapore Grand Prix.

"It is something that was considered following the change in layout for this year, and the FIA contacted all of the teams several weeks ago to ask for their feedback and input.

"There was, however, no clear consensus from those teams that responded and, following our safety simulations, it was decided that we wouldn't take the matter any further."

Autosport understands that not all teams responded to the governing body and that the consultation period began months in advance.

A view of the track

A view of the track

Photo by: Lionel Ng / Motorsport Images

Esteban Ocon supposed that simulations of the circuit might have misrepresented the severity of a bump in the track surface, with the Turn 15 kink also a factor in omitting another DRS zone.

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The Alpine racer reasoned: "The FIA is concerned about safety in that little left kink. I reckon personally, and the other drivers too, that it's not going to be an issue.

"We are pushing at the moment to be able to try it at least in FP1, see how it feels and if it's OK, potentially keep it. There's no reason why we would not be able to keep it.

"In the simulator, there was a big bump on that left kink, which could be the cause of not having it. But I don't think it is there in real life.

"I reckon that's an issue from scanning with the walls being there and it's fast and all that.

"But even if we want to be really safe, we just put [the DRS zone after the T15 kink].

"We are going to be in fifth gear, so really the drag effect comes after that kink so we can put it after."

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