F1 risks "disarray" if Massa wins legal bid over 2008 title - Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes Formula 1 would face "disarray" if Felipe Massa wins his legal bid to overturn the 2008 championship and sets a precedent that others follow.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes

Massa has begun a challenge against the FIA and FOM over their handling of the investigation into the 'Crashgate' controversy from the 2008 Singapore GP, which ultimately cost him the world title to Lewis Hamilton that year.

The Brazilian believes that there was a conspiracy that prevented the Crashgate affair from being probed until after the world title was settled, with the FIA having become aware of it at the 2008 season finale in Brazil.

Massa's legal team is currently awaiting a response from the FIA and FOM over questions it has asked about the events that took place in 2008 before it ponders its next steps.

And while Wolff has said that he is following developments with interest because any civil court success could set a precedent for potential action from his squad over the 2021 title finale in Abu Dhabi, he is sceptical about Massa getting the title back.

"I don't think he has a case, to be honest," said Wolff. "We are signing up to sporting regulations. They're very clear, and you commit as a licence holder.

"If everybody were to open up situations then the sport would be in disarray, and especially when you look at the full championships: there's so many things that have an influence whether you win or lose that I don't see the case to be honest.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Photo by: Alexander Trienitz / Motorsport Images

"On the civil case side, I don't know, let's evaluate whether there's some damages that could be claimed. I think reputation, they have a difficult position, what is it? But yeah, for me, this is like watching a telenovela, or soap opera playing out in front of me."

Massa himself is unmoved by Wolff's comments though and believes that scepticism about his case is proof that he is doing the right thing.

Asked about the comments from Wolff and Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, who also played down the Brazilian's chances of success, Massa said: "I think this just shows that we are on the right path and that people in F1 are realising the seriousness and importance of our case."

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He added: "As I've always said, I'm seeking justice, my childhood dream, a title for an entire nation, for Brazilians. And for the tifosi too.

"This is entirely my and my family's fight, so we did everything we could to have the best professionals in the world on our side."

With Massa's legal team hoping for the truth about the 2008 investigation to come to light, he hoped the FIA and FOM were open to helping.

"I hope today's FIA and FOM are different [from 2008]," he said. "The two entities have the chance to prove this, repairing the mistakes of the past, for the good of the sport."

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