F1 movie filming continues despite Hollywood actors’ strike

Production and filming of Apple’s Formula 1 movie will continue at this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, despite the impact of a Hollywood actors’ strike.

Brad Pitt filming F1 race movie

A strike led by the Screen Actors Guild over pay and residuals has disrupted work on a number of movies involving some of the industry’s biggest stars. 

With Brad Pitt understood to be showing solidarity for the action, there were inaccurate reports last week that production of the new F1 film would be halted until the strike was over. 

However, while Pitt himself will be absent, filming for the Apple movie is still carrying on within the F1 paddock as opportunities remain for track action and paddock footage to be obtained even without the main stars. 

Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, the garage of the fictional Apex team that Pitt drives for in the movie has been set up in the pit lane.

Furthermore, there are plans in the Hungaroring timetable for more high-speed action footage to be captured with the modified F2 cars that appeared for the first time at the British Grand Prix. 

It is understood that there are plans for footage to be captured of Apex pit stops, parc ferme reaction and grid activity over the Hungary weekend. 

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Pitt has relished the opportunity to play returning F1 driver Sonny Hayes, who makes his comeback as a veteran long after quitting the series following an accident. 

Stunt driver Craig Dolby standing in for actor Brad Pitt on the grid for a movie scene

Stunt driver Craig Dolby standing in for actor Brad Pitt on the grid for a movie scene

Photo by: Simon Galloway / Motorsport Images

Speaking to Sky at the British Grand Prix about his feelings on the film, Pitt said: “I’ve got to tell you, as a civilian, I had no idea what it takes to be a driver and the aggression and dexterity. 

“They're amazing athletes. I've got so much respect for everyone out there in all classes. 

“I'm going to be here till they kick me out. Because I'm loving it. I think it's every guy's dream. 

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“My character would have raced in Le Mans, he would have raced in Daytona. I saw you won Le Mans, you won Daytona. I just thought it was stellar. 

“Again, I have so much respect what you guys do, and I've been enjoying your stuff for years. So thank you! It's really great to be here." 

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