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Strict aero regulations have made it difficult for teams to come up with Monaco-specific solutions recently. But teams can change the ratio of the steering rack for the hairpin so more lock can be applied, which also requires suspension shrouds to be modified 1 / 9
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Arrows and Jordan both arrived with ungainly winglets in 2001, mounting parts from the nose and chassis respectively. The designs were immediately scrutinised by the FIA and banned before the teams could qualify with them 2 / 9
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Williams used an airbox winglet in 2000 to improve the performance of its rear wing. The wide winglet, similar in design to the one used by Jordan in 1999, cleared the path for airflow heading to the rear wing.The team also installed a winglet on the sidepod 3 / 9
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Ferrari deployed a high-downforce rear wing in 1999 and scored a 1-2 with its F399. The wing featured more flaps than normal, all of which were angled aggressively 4 / 9
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Tyrrell's 'X-Wings' were mounted high up, away from the sidepods. They were used at several races other than Monaco and started to appear on other cars, before being banned by the FIA on safety grounds 5 / 9
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Jordan followed in McLaren's footsteps by introducing a version of the 'mid-wing' in 1996, which was mouted over the engine cover 6 / 9
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A shorter Ferrari, designed to improve downforce and balance, appeared a year later. This time, designers went one step further and adjusted the T5’s suspension and wheelbase (highlighted in yellow) 7 / 9
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Ferrari arrived in 1979 with specially commissioned front and rear wings, which were mounted closer to the main bodywork. This gave the rear wing a greater depth so it still complied with maximum dimensions 8 / 9
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McLaren opted to run a narrower nose in 1974, with Emerson Fittipaldi’s M23 featuring a ‘winklepicker’ section that allowed for wider wings 9 / 9
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