F1 Eifel GP Live Updates - Friday practice


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


F1 Eifel GP FP2 cancelled due to poor weather conditions
FP1 also had no running after medical helicopter unable to fly due to fog
Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott miss out on making FP1 debuts for Alfa Romeo and Haas respectively
Status: Stopped
14:24 But with no track running for today it is time to wrap this up until tomorrow morning when FP3 should, we hope, start at 11AM BST (12PM local time). Between now and then we'll keep you updated with the latest news and views from the paddock but for now we'll wish you a pleasant Friday afternoon!
14:19 It hasn't been the Friday practice anyone expected and it will ramp up the uncertainties heading into the Eifel GP given all the teams currently have no data to dig through tonight - unless they stretch the memory banks back to 2013.
14:06 Race director Masi is also optimistic for the rest of the weekend: "The forecast looks better, but we’re also working on some back-up plans should we have a similar situation. So we’re working on those as we speak."
14:04 So, no running at all on Friday at the Nurburgring. It is disappointing for everyone involved, especially the fans that were allowed into the circuit, but it isn't the end of the world. Saturday's weather looks a little better so we can try again tomorrow.
14:00 It is the news we feared. The pit exit will not open for this session so that means FP2 is also cancelled.
13:59 After missing out on F1 FP1 running this morning, Ferrari has confirmed it is likely both Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott will get their practice running in December's Abu Dhabi GP:
Ferrari likely to wait for Abu Dhabi for Schumacher, Ilott F1 practice runs
13:57 Race director Michael Masi on the current situation: “We are hopeful, obviously as we saw with FP1 this morning we are hoping the fog will lift, we have seen it coming in and out all day, so that’s why we’ve been using the 30-minute updates. Fingers crossed but I can’t promise anything.”
13:42 Good to see the F1 drivers keeping themselves entertained. Grosjean is live streaming on Twitch while Norris and Russell are exchanging messages on Twitter. What a time we are having.
13:34 Well, this isn't how anyone hoped Friday practice at the Nurburgring would go. Wet and cold conditions, sure, they were expected for this time of year, but no track running so far wasn't part of the plan.
13:31 It is indeed the update we feared - no change in the weather so no FP2 running yet and the next update will be provided in 30 minutes.
13:28 The next update on FP2's action is due in a couple of minutes but we fear it won't be good news...
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