F1 Bahrain GP Live Updates - Friday practice


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Hamilton tops Bahrain Grand Prix FP2, having also gone fastest in the opening session
Verstappen P2, Bottas P3 with Perez fourth and Ricciardo fifth
Albon brings out the red flags after heavy crash at the final corner; second session stoppage comes after dog spotted on the circuit
Pirelli's 2021 tyre construction tested in early part of the session
Russell back out for Williams after Nissany's FP1 run, Raikkonen back in at Alfa Romeo for Kubica
Status: Stopped
16:32 Hamilton leads from Verstappen, Bottas, Perez, Ricciardo, Gasly - with Norris, Stroll, Kvyat and the wall-bothering Albon complete the top 10.
16:30 And that's that for Friday practice! FP2 is over, with Hamilton on top.
16:28 A few deleted laptimes coming up on the screen - although they're not quick times, so it won't change the current order.
16:24 F1's new quali pace graphic has popped up, which omits the pace of the hot-lapping dog earlier in the session. So, it's not truly representative.
16:22 Plenty of complaints about tyres from the drivers - and as we all know, the unhappier the drivers are, the more mixed up things get. Probably. We've not actually scientifically tested this.
16:20 We have 10 minutes of FP2 remaining.
16:17 Here's Lewis Hamilton, clocking in a 1m28.971s to go quickest. So much for "race runs, full fuel".
16:15 Verstappen's asked for a front wing update. "All good, the tyres just die," comes the Dutchman's reply.
16:12 Plenty of longer soft-tyre runs in force for now, with nobody setting any particularly quick times. Times are around the 1m35s and 1m36s, so we're in race prep mode.
16:08 Meanwhile, Norris and Giovinazzi are now doing their mandatory six laps on the test tyre.
16:07 Hamilton does his fastest lap of the session, going up to P6.
16:04 We're back underway, barring any more wildlife.
16:03 The beady-eyed cameraman caught that dog sneaking on-track. Meanwhile, Albon's broken Red Bull returns to the paddock.
16:02 "If I'd known we were allowed dogs, I've have brought mine," says Vettel.
16:02 We will name the dog Spaniel Ricciardo. There will be no further discussion.
16:01 From Bahrain to Bark-rain, the dog seems to have disappeared once more.
16:00 That has to be F1's shortest green flag ever. There's a wee dog on-track, that's why, and it's a very cute dog.
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