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Results Abu Dhabi / 26 Nov
Pos Driver Team
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull/Renault
6 Nico Hulkenberg Renault
7 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes
8 Esteban Ocon Force India/Mercedes
9 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda
10 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes
Coming Up Australia / 25 Mar
1st Free practice
2nd Free practice
3rd Free practice
1st Qualifying
2nd Qualifying
3rd Qualifying
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  • Circuit: Melbourne
  • Race: 58 laps / 307.574 km
Pos Constructor Points
1 Mercedes 668
2 Ferrari 522
3 Red Bull/Renault 368
4 Force India/Mercedes 187
5 Williams/Mercedes 83
6 Renault 57
7 Toro Rosso/Renault 53
8 Haas/Ferrari 47
9 McLaren/Honda 30
10 Sauber/Ferrari 5
2018 Calendar
Race Circuit Date
Australia Melbourne 25 Mar
Bahrain Bahrain 8 Apr
China Shanghai 15 Apr
Azerbaijan Baku 29 Apr
Spain Catalunya 13 May
Monaco Monte Carlo 27 May
Canada Montreal 10 Jun
France Paul Ricard 24 Jun
Austria Red Bull Ring 1 Jul
Great Britain Silverstone 8 Jul
Renault wants customer teams to run its juniors Renault needs to look at options for using its customer teams to get its Academy drivers into Formul... 1516627088 F1
Force India: McLaren/Renault a 'significant' threat McLaren and Renault will pose a "significant" threat to Force India in the 2018 Formula 1 constructo... 1516621177 F1
F1 future to focus on three performance factors Formula 1's team of specialists tasked with shaping the future direction of the championship are foc... 1516614605 F1
Haas might have switched car focus too early Haas probably hurt itself in the 2017 Formula 1 season by switching focus to its '18 car too early, ... 1516547447 F1
Watch: Nigel Mansell performs magic tricks Nigel Mansell is most famous for winning the 1992 Formula 1 world championship, but in retirement he... 1516540612 F1
How F1 can do more to balance driver weight The Formula 1 Strategy Group has at last come up with a sensible solution to the problem of a driver... 1516535422 F1

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F1 teams agree bodywork changes for 2019 Formula 1 teams have agreed to push through bodywork changes for 2019 aimed at giving them better sp... 1516527264 F1
Williams expects 'many years' with Sirotkin Williams expects new Formula 1 signing Sergey Sirotkin to be with the team for "many years ahead" fo... 1516455655 F1
FIA working on F1 driver weight limit for 2019 The FIA is finalising plans for the introduction of a minimum F1 driver weight in 2019, ensuring hea... 1516449166 F1
Bottas changed Mercedes' thinking on drivers Pairing Valtteri Bottas alongside Lewis Hamilton has changed the way the Mercedes Formula 1 team thi... 1516440572 F1
Bourdais hits back at Haas US driver claims IndyCar racer and ex-grand prix driver Sebastien Bourdais has hit back at claims by Haas Formula 1 t... 1516401608 F1
Stirling Moss retires from public life Motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss has announced that he is to retire from public life at the age o... 1516396495 F1
Mercedes defends staff contract tactics Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has defended his Formula 1 team's policy surrounding staff contra... 1516372202 F1
Italy's free F1 TV coverage slashed for 2018 Formula 1's mainstream free-to-air television broadcasting in Italy will be slashed in 2018, with Mo... 1516361572 F1
Renault was 'almost 10 years' behind rivals Renault was nearly a decade behind its Formula 1 rivals when it resumed its works team project, says... 1516355046 F1
Horner reassured Ricciardo over team favouritism Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull team principal Christian Horner reassured him he will have a fair fig... 1516291937 F1
Cosworth wants Aston Martin F1 engine tie-up Long-time Formula 1 engine builder Cosworth says it would like to work with Aston Martin on a potent... 1516277610 F1
How F1's eSports revolution will accelerate in '18 Formula 1 experienced an eSports revolution in 2017, and its gaming involvement could leap forward a... 1516271514 F1
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OpinionWhat we would change about Formula 1 Formula 1 is constantly promising an improved service for fans, via changes to the way things work a... 1516579200 F1
Jonathan NobleHow F1 avoided a pre-season failure Car unveilings and the build-up to the opening round can be more exciting than many grands prix, so ... 1516579200 F1
F1 RacingHow McLaren has become a benchmark again McLaren's newly anointed test and reserve driver Lando Norris is an avid gamer and a valued hotshot ... 1516406400 F1
F1 RacingBrutally honest: Lauda quizzed by the F1 paddock The three-time world champion answers questions from his peers about piloting his jet, making F1 mor... 1516320000 F1
Ben AndersonFormula 1's billion-dollar problem Formula 1's rulemakers, movers and shakers are meeting again to discuss its future engine direction ... 1516233600 F1
Nigel RoebuckRemembering the greatest American in racing history Half a century on from Jim Clark's death, our columnist mourns the loss of the "only one Jim ever wo... 1516233600 F1
PromotedHow you can help create a Formula 1 car Promoted: Winners of the INFINITI Engineering Academy get a six-month placement at Renault Sport For... 1516233600 F1
Stuart CodlingThe evidence that shows Honda can excel again One of Honda's key attributes is one of its biggest flaws, and dates back to its first foray into Fo... 1516147200 F1
Ask GaryGary Anderson's verdict on Williams signing Sirotkin Has Williams been shrewd by signing Sirotkin over Kubica? When will Formula 1 get a new team? And ca... 1516147200 F1

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