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The key figure who sells Extreme E's environment dream Plus

The key figure who sells Extreme E's environment dream

Extreme E enjoyed a largely successful start in Saudi Arabia, but questions remain over how the series can achieve its lofty environmental goals. For answers to why and where XE races, an expert voice lends vital credibility

Agag: Extreme E has “almost identical” feeling as first Formula E race

Extreme E co-founder Alejandro Agag says he feels “almost identical” after the first event of the new SUV championship when compared to his feelings after the debut Formula E race.

Loeb wants Extreme E power steering fix that cost victory Saudi Arabia
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Loeb wants Extreme E power steering fix that cost victory

Sebastien Loeb has called on Extreme E car builder Spark Racing Technology to “solve” repeat power steering issues that cost the X44 team its chance in the Saudi Arabia final. 

Munnings will "remember first Extreme E podium forever"

Andretti United racer Catie Munnings says she and team-mate Timmy Hansen took a moment to savour their Extreme E podium in the AlUla desert to “remember forever”.

How Extreme E exceeded expectations to pass its first major test Plus

How Extreme E exceeded expectations to pass its first major test

The racing may have lacked the explosive conclusion to Formula E's first race in 2014 and was not without its hiccups. But Extreme E's leap into the unknown appears to have paid off, delivering a spectacle quite unlike anything else

Underdog status helped Andretti United secure Extreme E pole

Timmy Hansen reckons his Extreme E rivals voted for him and Andretti United team-mate Catie Munnings to start the Saudi Arabia final on pole because they were the “underdogs”.

Agag: Inaugural Extreme E event created "motorsport gold"

Extreme E co-founder Alejandro Agag reckons he could not have devised “a better script” for the maiden event in Saudi Arabia and that the final race had created “motorsport gold”.

Rosberg hails "inspiring" Kristoffersson, Taylor after XE win

Nico Rosberg has hailed Johan Kristoffersson as “inspiring” and thanked Molly Taylor for joining his Extreme E team as the duo scored a dominant win in the maiden desert event. 

Rosberg X Racing team dominates Extreme E's Saudi opener

The Rosberg X Racing team dominated the final to win the inaugural Extreme E event in the desert in Saudi Arabia as Lewis Hamilton’s X44 struggled with a technical failure. 

Abt/Ganassi Extreme E crash "not accident waiting to happen"

The Extreme E crash between Claudia Hurtgen and Kyle LeDuc that red flagged the shootout race was “not an accident waiting to happen” despite weekend-long concerns over dust. 

Rosberg X Racing, Andretti United victorious in Extreme E semi- finals

Rosberg X Racing was victorious in the Extreme E semi-final in Saudi Arabia and will face Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team and the Andretti United concern in the inaugural event finale.

Extreme E pitlane software fault results in penalties for Rosberg X Racing, JBXE

A fault with the pitlane speed limiter software resulted in penalties that denied Rosberg X Racing pole and demoted Jenson Button’s JBXE team in the Extreme E qualifying shootout.

Agag: “A miracle” so few cars broke in Extreme E qualifying

Alejandro Agag says “it’s a miracle so few” cars broke during Extreme E qualifying, adding the finals will not switch to a one-car format despite talks having taken place.

Loeb: "Not a surprise" X44 took first-ever Extreme E pole position

X44 driver Sebastien Loeb reckons “it’s not a surprise” he and Cristina Gutierrez landed the first-ever Extreme E pole position but accepted Rosberg X Racing was “faster than us”.

Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team tops qualifying for Extreme E Desert X Prix

Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team topped combined qualifying for the inaugural Extreme E desert event in Saudi Arabia as a penalty knocked Nico Rosberg’s squad from first down to third.

Veloce Racing withdraws from Extreme E Desert X Prix due to car damage

Veloce Racing has pulled out of the first-ever Extreme E event ahead of the second qualifying session due to irreparable damage sustained to the car’s roll cage.

Hurtgen explains huge Extreme E qualifying crash Saudi Arabia
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Hurtgen explains huge Extreme E qualifying crash

Abt Cupra driver Claudia Hurtgen has explained the nature of her massive crash during the first qualifying shootout for the maiden Extreme E Desert X-Prix round in Saudi Arabia.

Rosberg X Racing tops first-ever Extreme E qualifying shootout

Rosberg X Racing topped the first-ever Extreme E qualifying shootout in the Saudi Arabian desert as Abt Cupra driver Claudia Hurtgen suffered an enormous crash.

The fires Extreme E must fight before the Desert X-Prix opener

The Extreme E series, the first all-electric rally raid championship, gets underway this weekend. As the field had landed in Saudi Arabia for the Desert X-Prix, a few teething problems hit the field as they prepared for their first runs in anger. Can XE resolve its issues before the first race kicks off? MATT KEW investigates.

Extreme E: The team by team guide Plus

Extreme E: The team by team guide

The world’s newest motorsport discipline is set to go racing for the first time this weekend. Extreme E’s innovations and plans have raised some eyebrows, but it also provides an exciting list of competitors and teams for the inaugural campaign

Rosberg explains "weird" transition to Extreme E team management

Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg has explained his “weird” transition into Extreme E team management and what he learned from team principals Toto Wolff and Frank Williams.

How Extreme E’s charging solution could transform motorsport Plus

How Extreme E’s charging solution could transform motorsport

The new off-road SUV series aims to go boldly into the unknown on several fronts, but perhaps its most significant measure will involve the energy source powering its fleet of cars

Button competing in Extreme E to improve off-road racing skills

Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button says he is competing in the inaugural Extreme E season because he is “not very good” at off-road racing but “really wants to be”.

Extreme E alters format ahead of opener after dust concerns

Excessive dust in the Saudi Arabian desert has led Extreme E to alter the format of its qualifying heats and finals only two days ahead of the championship’s inaugural round.

Prodrive joins forces with Hamilton's Extreme E team

Prodrive, the three-time World Rally Championship constructors’ title winner, has taken over the race operations of Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team that will compete in Extreme E in 2021.

Extreme E explains decision to launch in Saudi Arabia

Organisers of the first-ever Extreme E round have explained why Saudi Arabia is a “natural partner” and the “ideal setting” in which to launch the fledgling electric championship.

Button's Extreme E team announces tie-up with Lotus Engineering

The JBXE team entered into Extreme E by Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button has signed a technical partnership with Lotus Engineering, the consultancy arm of the Lotus group. 

Emotional Scheider completes first Extreme E course recce

Two-time DTM champion and official Extreme E reserve driver Timo Scheider has become the first person to drive the Wadi Rum desert course in Saudi Arabia aboard the Odyssey 21 E-SUV.

Extreme E secures UK terrestrial television deal with ITV

Extreme E has landed its latest major UK television deal by signing a three-year agreement with ITV to have its races broadcast live on terrestrial channels.

What is Extreme E? Car, calendar, drivers, how to watch and more

Extreme E is motorsport's newest form of green racing, but what exactly is it, when does it start, and how can you watch it? Find out all you need to know here.

Double DTM champion Scheider signed as XE reserve driver

Two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider has been enlisted as one of Extreme E’s official championship reserve drivers and will also aid the design of each circuit.

Techeetah delays Extreme E entry due to COVID-19 disruption

The Techeetah team has postponed its entry for the inaugural season of Extreme E as a result of the lasting disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vergne opted not to compete in Extreme E as he ‘could not fight for wins’

Two-time Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne has revealed he chose not to race in the inaugural Extreme E season because he “could not be fighting for wins”.