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Celebrating 60 years of the BTCC

As it marks its diamond jubilee in 2018, read the best of Britain’s most popular motor racing championship

Matt James Why the BTCC's best villain can't stop playing the game Jason Plato and the British Touring Car Championship are inextricably linked. The charismatic self-styled bad boy has done well out of the series, while it also benefits from his combative star-quality 1534204800 BTCC
Kevin Turner The touring car great who never won the BTCC Steve Soper is one of the greatest names in touring-car racing, yet he never (for keeps) won the BTCC crown. Autosport looks back at his career on home soil 1534291200 BTCC
Kevin Turner When an F1 champion ruled the BTCC On his days off from starring on the world stage, double Formula 1 world champion Jim Clark was a spectacular home hero in tin-tops 1534118400 BTCC
Matt James How the BTCC's craziest race was won The 2018 BTCC season is only one round old, but it has already featured one of the championship's best races. Here's how drivers that started 27th, 25th and 12th on the grid ended up filling the podium 1523923200 BTCC
Matt James Uncovering the BTCC's circuit specialists The stars of the British Touring Car Championship are well-established - much like its calendar. But who thrives where - and why? 1486512000 BTCC
Feature BTCC: The Jason Plato years As Jason Plato gears up to become the most successful driver in the BTCC's history, AUTOSPORT invites the veteran ace to take stock of his career so far and discuss the various eras he's raced through in the series 1301529600 BTCC
Retrospective BTCC 1992: Tin-top tearaways in the news Twenty years ago an incredible BTCC finale made it into the national press. Kevin Turner looks back at that infamous Silverstone race with Tim Harvey, John Cleland, Steve Soper and Matt Neal 1350518400 BTCC
Track test Autosport tests the BTCC title winner Just four days after Andrew Jordan clinched the 2013 BTCC title, AUTOSPORT's BEN ANDERSON got the unique chance of driving Eurotech's Honda Civic at Donington 1385942400 BTCC
Super Touring special Matt Neal: king of the independents As part of our celebration of Super Touring, JAMIE O'LEARY caught up with BTCC star Matt Neal to look back at his time as a privateer hero in the 1990s 1376438400 BTCC
Super Touring special Part of the family: Plato's BTCC debut Jason Plato on his initiation into the British Touring Car Championship, and the Williams Renault team that gave him his start and his first win 1376352000 BTCC
Super Touring special Huff meets his hero Rob Huff was inspired to race by the late-'90s generation of Super Tourers, so he was delighted to get to drive one at Donington Park. BEN ANDERSON was there to watch him drive Matt Neal's Nissan Primera 1376438400 F1
Feature BTCC star back in a Cosworth Former British Touring Car champion Tim Harvey jumped at the chance to drive two of his old racers at Silverstone, but was it as good as he remembered? Kevin Turner watched the reunion 1369094400 BTCC
Analysis Does the BTCC need manufacturers? The British Touring Car Championship is thriving with 30-plus-car grids, but the days of the 1990s when there were as many as nine manufacturer teams on the grid are still longed-for. SCOTT MITCHELL investigates how important works teams really are 1426723200 BTCC
Interview Why Plato sticks with the BTCC His early noughties absence has become little more than a short sabbatical. But why has Jason Plato been unable to sever his ties with the British Touring Car Championship? SCOTT MITCHELL found out 1439769600 BTCC
Analysis How works BTCC teams have changed in 20 years The face of the British Touring Car Championship has changed massively in the two decades since the revered Super Touring era. What does manufacturer involvement look like these days? 1480550400 BTCC
Super Touring special Alain Menu: Super Touring star EDD STRAW talks to Alain Menu about the Swiss driver's incredible journey in the Super Touring era 1376524800 BTCC
Super Touring special Genesis: how Super Touring came to life The two-litre touring car regulations started as a simple concept in Britain, but rapidly spread around the world, attracting many of the major manufacturers and thousands of fans. But whose idea was it? GARY WATKINS asks the category's main players to find out 1376352000 BTCC
Super Touring special How to drive a Super Touring car Back in 1997, British Touring Car star Alain Menu gave MARCUS SIMMONS some tips on the art of being a tin-top master. Here's what he said 1376524800 BTCC
Super Touring special Where did it all go wrong for Super Touring? There were quality drivers, incredible cars and the fans loved it. But Super Touring was doomed as it entered the 2000s. GARY WATKINS explains why 1376611200 BTCC
Super Touring special The top 25 drivers in Super Touring There were lots of great drivers in the 1990s tin-tops heyday, but who was best? AUTOSPORT asked those who should know 1376524800 BTCC
Super Touring special When was the BTCC best? NGTC vs Super Touring To complete AUTOSPORT's look back at the Super Touring era, current British Touring Car reporter KEVIN TURNER oversees a duel between the best of the 1990s and the current crop 1376697600 BTCC

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