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AVL joins Autosport for technical motorsport coverage Leading automotive company AVL is Autosport's new engineering partner and will provide technical ins... Engineering
How to be an ace engineer: Graham Taylor What have BTCC Volvos, badly funded F1 cars, Audi LMP1 machines and the Olympics got in common? All ... Engineering
Paul Crosby: How to be an ace engineer Combining running his own composites business with race engineering successfully in Formula 3000 and... Engineering
How to be an ace engineer: Stefan de Groot Carlin's F2 chief engineer has had a chequered route to his current role, from Formula Ford champion... Engineering
How to be an ace engineer: Iain Watt Spanning IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA and more, Scottish expat Iain Watt has worked in almost every categor... Engineering
How to be an ace engineer: Ray Mallock From title-winning driver to engineer of successful sportscar and touring car teams whose company is... Engineering

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Autosport partners with TDI Challenge Autosport has partnered with the Manufacturing Technologies Association's Technology, Design and Inn... Engineering
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Autosport EngineeringThe engineer who took Reynard to another level Senior technical transfers between customer racing car manufacturers were rare at the height of thei... Engineering
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Autosport EngineeringEngineer's View: The role of simulation in anticipating rule changes When new regulations are written, the race to understand how each change will impact every other ele... Engineering
Lucas di GrassiFive things that I would like Formula E's Gen3 car to have Formula E plans to go bold with its next generation racer, but in his regular Autosport Engineering ... Engineering
James NewboldHow UK-based teams are looking to survive the "disaster" nobody saw coming In unprecedented times for motorsport caused by the coronavirus pandemic, UK-based teams are facing ... Engineering
Jake Boxall-LeggeThe 'world cup' car that outlasted its series B05/52 was an uninspiring name for an all-action racer that would become a staple of single-seaters... Engineering
Autosport EngineeringThe engineers pushing to make motorsport safer The diverse group of engineers that make up the FIA Research Working Group are united by one key goa... Engineering
Autosport EngineeringEngineer's View: What I want to see from the Class One regs Audi Sport's DTM project leader sheds light on the current status of Class One convergence talks and... Engineering
Autosport EngineeringWhy decarbonising motorsport is so difficult to achieve Formula 1's plans to be net carbon zero by 2030 look good on paper, but there are many questions tha... Engineering