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Australian GP: Force India's update for F1 season opener explained

Force India knows it will be tough to maintain its place as best of the rest behind the big three teams in Formula 1 this season

What was behind Ferrari-powered cars' smoking during F1 testing?

The huge plumes of smoke being emitted by the Ferrari-powered cars was one of the more unusual elements of 2018 pre-season Formula 1 testing at Barcelona

F1 halo: How teams have added aero devices for 2018 debut

The halo represents not just a structural challenge to the teams to incorporate it onto their cars, but it has opened up new aero development paths too

Analysis: what's behind Formula 1's 2021 engine row?

Formula 1 made its first step towards its future earlier this week when the FIA and F1's owner revealed its ideas for the post-2021 engine formula

How Formula 1's 2018 T-wing and shark fin ban will work

Formula 1's Strategy Group and F1 Commission this week approved a plan to outlaw T-wings and shark fins for 2018, but coming up with a workable regulation took careful thought

F1 technical focus: How Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari compare in 2017

Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are tipped to be a long way clear of the rest of the Formula 1 field in 2017, and each team has taken a different approach with its new car

What Manor design images reveal about Formula 1 2017

The Manor Formula 1 team's demise came just when it should have been close to signing off its 2017 car

How tweaks to fuel rules could affect the 2017 Formula 1 season

While most of the spotlight of Formula 1's 2017 rule changes is on the aerodynamic revamp, there are significant changes under the fin-style engine covers too

Formula 1's latest suspension row explained

Intrigue over Formula 1 suspension systems pioneered by Mercedes is nothing new, but the latest row over what is allowed can be traced back to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix