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How Mercedes has turned the corner on its knife-edge W12

Mercedes arrived at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix after a bruising pre-season Formula 1 test and some warning signs about Red Bull’s potential in the Bahrain race.

How F1 teams have responded to 2021 floor challenge

Formula 1's winter rule changes to slash downforce proved to be a big headache for teams over the winter – and became a big talking point in Bahrain last weekend.

The rear end overhaul that has transformed Red Bull's F1 car

Red Bull’s crushing form over the Formula 1 season-opening weekend in Bahrain suggests it has dialled out the aerodynamic issues that caused problems last year.

From the archive: Newey on 1991 F1 car design

Autosport is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's greatest Formula 1 title with a 1991-themed special issue of the magazine. The full impact of Adrian Newey at Williams wouldn't be realised until 1992 but, as the aerodynamics guru told GIORGIO PIOLA in the 11 July 1991 issue, the key principles of making cars go quickly have changed little

Piola: The changes helping Mercedes accommodate dual-axis F1 steering

Mercedes became the talk of the opening pre-season Formula 1 test at Barcelona when onboard footage revealed the team's innovative new dual-axis steering system

Piola: The key differences between Ferrari's 2019 and 2020 F1 cars

Ferrari was keen to play up the "extreme" concepts it adopted in the development of its 2020 Formula 1 car, suggesting the SF1000 is a radical departure from its predecessor. But how different are the two designs?

Mercedes' 2019 F1 cooling trick other teams are considering

One fascinating aspect of the battle between Mercedes and Ferrari in the second half of the 2019 Formula 1 season has been their contrasting performances in qualifying and the race

German GP: Bodywork overhaul focus of Racing Point's F1 upgrade

Racing Point has brought a new upgrade package to Formula 1's German Grand Prix, as the team seeks to "bring balance" to its RP19 car

The German GP updates beneath Mercedes F1 team's anniversary livery

Mercedes has unveiled a number of new updates for its home Formula 1 race at Hockenheim, including a new turning vane assembly, front wing and bodywork

Piola: Visualising 2021 F1 cars using initial FIA details of plans

Although Formula 1's 2021 rules have not yet been finalised, the ideas are advanced enough for technical expert Giorgio Piola to imagine how the new generation of cars will look

Piola: How new parts will influence 2020 designs Plus

Piola: How new parts will influence 2020 designs

From a look at what Williams's updates tell us about the evolutionary approach Formula 1 teams may take with their 2020 cars to Red Bull's floor fins, we examine the best of the British Grand Prix updates on display at Silverstone last weekend

Giorgio Piola: How Formula 1 teams are changing wings for Canada

Multiple Formula 1 teams have redefined their rear wing designs ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix in a quest to find more straightline performance at the Montreal circuit

Piola: How teams chased downforce for Monaco demands Plus

Piola: How teams chased downforce for Monaco demands

Bolting on downforce is always priority number one for the Monaco Grand Prix, yet the way teams went about doing so varied considerably in 2019. Technical illustrator Giorgio Piola highlights the pick of the solutions from this year's visit to Monte Carlo

Piola selects his favourite F1 designs of all time Plus

Piola selects his favourite F1 designs of all time

This weekend's Monaco Grand Prix marks Giorgio Piola's 50th anniversary in the Formula 1 paddock, so we asked him to picks his 'greatest cars'. Here's his selection of revolutionary designs and personal favourites from 1969-2019

Piola on the 2019 Monaco tech specials Plus

Piola on the 2019 Monaco tech specials

Monaco is always the scene of innovative technical adjustments from Formula 1 teams as it is such a different circuit to anything else they encounter all year. Here's the best of the 2019 additions so far

Piola: The tech behind Lauda's F1 cars Plus

Piola: The tech behind Lauda's F1 cars

Following the death of Niki Lauda, Giorgio Piola picks out some of the cars from the triple Formula 1 world champion's famous grand prix career, with Jake Boxall-Legge explaining the technology sported by each machine

Piola: Did Barcelona upgrades have an impact? Plus

Piola: Did Barcelona upgrades have an impact?

F1 teams didn't disappoint with the number of updates they brought to the Spanish GP, but how many issues were actually solved? Using Giorgio Piola's illustrations, we examine the impact - or lack of - some of the more noteworthy upgrades had

The best of intense midfield battle's Spanish GP updates Plus

The best of intense midfield battle's Spanish GP updates

Formula 1's big hitters showed off their Spanish Grand Prix upgrades on Thursday afternoon, but the start of practice on Friday gave us a better look at some of the developments introduced by those vying for best of rest status

Piola's early hints from the Barcelona upgrades Plus

Piola's early hints from the Barcelona upgrades

A huge amount of technical changes were always likely to be revealed as the Formula 1 cars broke cover at Barcelona ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. Our technical experts highlight what we've learned about Ferrari and Mercedes' upgrades in particular so far

First look at Mercedes' Spanish GP Formula 1 car developments

Mercedes has continued the development of its W10 Formula 1 ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, bringing new turning vanes and a revised mirror concept for the first European race

Red Bull's unique 2019 front suspension layout revealed

Red Bull is running a unique Formula 1 front suspension design with two separate legs replacing the conventional single-piece wishbone

Azerbaijan GP: Renault adds more downforce for Saturday running

Renault revised its rear wing package for the third Formula 1 free practice session ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, dialling in a little extra downforce

Piola explains Formula 1 teams' low downforce packages in Baku

The majority of Formula 1 teams have emerged for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with low-downforce packages, aiming to take advantage of the longest straight on the 2019 calendar

The full story of Mercedes' China front wing saga Plus

The full story of Mercedes' China front wing saga

Even before a wheel turned in anger at last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix there was controversy over Mercedes' new front wing design. But the team made the changes requested by the FIA and still took a dominant one-two win

Chinese GP tech: Mercedes F1 team brings new endplate design

Mercedes has brought further updates for Formula 1's Chinese Grand Prix, debuting a brand new endplate design for the third race of 2019

Giorgio Piola's standout 2019 Bahrain GP practice updates

Plenty of Formula 1 teams have made changes to their packages for the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix, as they primarily focus on cooling for this race and on bargeboard developments

Giorgio Piola's pick of the Australian GP F1 teams' upgrades

The first official sessions of the 2019 Formula 1 season are under way, and plenty of new developments were unveiled on the opening day of running

Racing Point introduces F1 upgrade package at Australian GP

Racing Point introduced a raft of changes to its RP19 for the first Formula 1 practice session of the season, updating its "vanilla" car for Melbourne from testing specification

Williams F1 changes to ensure legality on display at Australian GP

The Williams Formula 1 team has updated its FW42 ahead of the Australian Grand Prix following concerns over its legality, while also adding a new T-wing element at the rear

Australian GP: First look at 2019 F1 tech on display at Albert Park

With the start of the Formula 1 season now upon us, the veil of secrecy and common use of pit garage barriers is over - for some, at least

Piola on test two's eye-catching aero developments Plus

Piola on test two's eye-catching aero developments

The Formula 1 field arrived at last week's second 2019 pre-season test with plenty of updated parts. But some were more visible that others as the teams worked hard to understand the aerodynamic changes resulting from the new rules

Abu Dhabi sensor trick could give Mercedes advantage in F1 test

Mercedes could have given itself an edge over its rivals for this week's Formula 1 tyre test in Abu Dhabi with the clever use of sensors

Ferrari set to try 2019 Formula 1 wing concept in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari looks set to test 2019 Formula 1 front wing ideas in free practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The latest tweaks to Mercedes' F1 wheel spacer design

Mercedes has not raced with its controversial wheel spacer design for the past few Formula 1 races, but it has not stopped developing the idea as the latest updates used in Brazil show

Toro Rosso's Formula 1 tech experiments continue ahead of 2019

Toro Rosso's STR13 Formula 1 car has become a sort of mobile laboratory for Red Bull and Honda in the final part of the 2018 season

How Formula 1 teams coped with Mexico's unique tech demands

Mexico City's high-altitude Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit is an outlier on the Formula 1 calendar that requires a totally different technical approach for teams

Formula 1 teams' new fashion for floor fins explained

Formula 1 cars' floors are the latest area where teams have been exploring unique technical concepts

Ferrari first F1 team to try ground-breaking 1400-hole brake disc

Ferrari became the first Formula 1 team to run a new generation of brake discs at the Mexican Grand Prix, featuring an unprecedented 1400 holes to help cooling

Red Bull copies Ferrari's latest F1 floor design at Mexican Grand Prix

Ferrari will test its new Formula 1 floor again at the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend, with Red Bull also set to run its own version of the concept

The upgrades Ferrari got right and wrong in recent F1 races

Ferrari's return to form at the United States Grand Prix owed a lot to its realisation that some upgrades introduced since the Singapore Grand Prix had not worked as hoped

Ferrari brings major F1 floor upgrade to United States Grand Prix

Ferrari is to test a major new floor update at the United States Grand Prix as it bids to keep itself in the Formula 1 championship hunt

Tech secrets of Sauber's 2018 Formula 1 surge

Sauber's development rate in the 2018 Formula 1 season has transformed the team from a backmarker into a midfield challenger

Ferrari's latest F1 technical updates to help halt its dip in form

While Ferrari's Formula 1 world championship hopes may have been derailed by strategic and operational failures, on the technical front the team continues to push hard to close down Mercedes

Ferrari F1 team tests new floor in Japanese Grand Prix practice

Ferrari tested an updated floor and a newly designed brake duct in Japanese Grand Prix practice in its push to recover lost ground in the Formula 1 world championship battle

How Mercedes turned the tables on Ferrari in F1 2018 tech battle

Mercedes has gone from fighting a rearguard action against a faster Ferrari to take charge of the 2018 Formula 1 season. These technical changes have been key to that swing

The new tech concept Ferrari's 2018 F1 title hopes now rest on

Ferrari now needs a dramatic turnaround to beat Mercedes to the 2018 Formula 1 world championship, and is counting on the major upgrade it introduced during the Russian Grand Prix

Ferrari introduces major update in Sochi, includes 2019 experiment

Ferrari has introduced one of its biggest updates of the season at the Russian Grand Prix, which includes a radical revamp of its front wing and some 2019 experiments

Singapore GP dramas disguised Force India's bold new F1 update

Force India left Singapore without points, but its pace over the weekend was boosted by a major upgrade it hopes can help its charge up Formula 1's constructors' championship table

Ferrari becomes latest F1 team to copy McLaren's rear wing idea

Ferrari might not have won the Singapore Grand Prix, but it arrived with another significant Formula 1 update to make sure its car was suited to the low-speed street circuit

The hidden tech change that transformed Mercedes' F1 car in Singapore

Mercedes' Singapore Grand Prix triumph owed a lot to Lewis Hamilton's "stardust" driving, but one hidden change on his car may have been key to his brilliant weekend

How the top F1 teams' wheelbase and rake compares in 2018

This weekend's Singapore Grand Prix marks the return of the proper downforce battle in Formula 1 after the low-drag challenges of Spa and Monza

How Formula 1's top teams tackled Monza tech headaches

Monza's long flat-out straights force Formula 1 teams to think more about drag levels and trimming downforce at the Italian Grand Prix than elsewhere

Toro Rosso's DRS innovation for top speed in Formula 1

The Italian Grand Prix highlighted a design lead the Toro Rosso-Honda Formula 1 team has pursued to help its straightline speed

Red Bull reveals Ferrari-style F1 mirrors at Belgian Grand Prix

Red Bull has followed the Ferrari inspired-idea of hollowed out wing mirrors, in a bid to improve its straightline speed performance at Formula 1's Belgian Grand Prix

The F1 tech war fuelling Mercedes' and Ferrari's 2018 title battle

The fight for the 2018 Formula 1 title, which resumes in Belgium this weekend, is one of the most intense in the past decade

The tech changes helping Renault F1 team's best of the rest push

The new front wing concept Renault introduced at Formula 1's German Grand Prix was subject to further alterations in Hungary, as the team continues to develop its 2018 car

How F1 teams chased 'dirty downforce' gains in Hungarian GP

The Hungaroring is a challenge for Formula 1 drivers and engineers alike, and is often likened to Monaco but without the walls

How Red Bull followed McLaren's Formula 1 design lead

Max Verstappen becoming the first Formula 1 driver to take Hockenheim's first corner flat-out underlined the strength of Red Bull's chassis last weekend, and the team has continued aggressive development

How a non-performance aero change helped Williams's F1 car

At the German Grand Prix, Williams took a step forward with its so-far troublesome FW41 thanks to a new front wing that wasn't about adding downforce or increasing top speed

How F1 mirrors could look when FIA rule changes are enforced

Formula 1 mirror designs will be under the spotlight next week when technical chiefs meet with the FIA to discuss potential changes to help improve driver visibility