South African-born Dieter trained as industrial engineer before holding down a variety of senior motor industry marketing and manufacturing positions. At the age of 40 he decided to follow his passion, and became the first and only South African journalist to cover Formula 1 regularly. Dieter joined AtlasF1 at the beginning of 2004 – a year prior to its merger with Autosport – and his regular column offers an intriguing analysis of F1’s politicking and commercial chicanery. Although now also proudly Belgian, he gives his domicile as "Wherever F1 duplicity lurks".

Features by Dieter Rencken
Is Todt worthy of remaining FIA president? Spending two days at the FIA's latest sports conference offered an insight into how much progress mo... 1498176000 F1
Enough buzzwords Liberty, it's time for real change Six months into Formula 1's new era, the Canadian Grand Prix was a good chance to take stock of how ... 1497398400 F1
Is F1 in Audi's post-Le Mans plans? Le Mans will come and go this year without the brand that has won the 24 Hours a total of 13 times s... 1496880000 F1
Why F1 must adopt MotoGP's key concepts Ross Brawn has admitted Formula 1 can learn from MotoGP, and once he digs deeper into the two-wheele... 1495584000 F1
The plan to fix F1's biggest flaw The deals that bind Formula 1's teams have been criticised for a long time. A new owner offered an o... 1494979200 F1
Why Ferrari must no longer be F1's favourite Formula 1 continues to reward its teams unevenly. There is hope on the horizon, but grand prix racin... 1494374400 F1
Honda's so-called legacy is bad for F1 Honda's current travails with McLaren are making Formula 1 look impossible to crack for new manufact... 1493769600 F1
Red Bull's quit threats are empty and unfair Red Bull has dropped hints it could quit Formula 1 - again. Is there any point taking it seriously? 1493164800 F1
Why Ecclestone can’t let go of F1 Bernie Ecclestone insists he's not bitter about his departure from an all-powerful position in Formu... 1492560000 F1
Why F1 races can't be moved from Sunday The Chinese Grand Prix's flirtation with cancellation highlighted Formula 1's inflexibility when it ... 1491955200 F1
Why Porsche is key to F1's engine future Another year, another Formula 1 technical argument - what it does next with its complex engine formu... 1491350400 F1
F1 faces a long wait for real change The Liberty era is expected to bring major changes to Formula 1, but the convoluted manner in which ... 1490745600 F1
Why Ecclestone is about to strike back Months after being ousted from his position at the top of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone has emerged o... 1490140800 F1
The $150m gamble that spooked F1 A $150million gamble cost Formula 1 dearly when it scared Bernie Ecclestone out of trying to get ahe... 1489536000 F1
Why a 25-race F1 calendar is a risk Canada and Russia have new F1 deals, France is coming back, and F1's new owner has its sights set on... 1488931200 F1
How to fix F1's unworthy launch season Formula 1's new era kicked off as every season does - with multiple car launches. Is it time for a d... 1488326400 F1
Why talk of foul play in F1 sale is wrong Allegations of conflicts of interest over Formula 1's commercial rights sale prompted a strong retor... 1487721600 F1
F1 is on course for a fresh civil war As Formula 1's 2020 moment of truth approaches, expect new political alliances between teams - but r... 1487116800 F1
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