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Jakes leads Abu Dhabi GP2 test

James Jakes, Coloni, Abu Dhabi GP2James Jakes was quickest on the first day of this week's GP2 test at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina track.

The 23-year-old Briton stayed with the Coloni team with which he had contested the season finale at the same venue, and led the way with a late 1m47.790s lap in the afternoon. He will try out Racing Engineering's car tomorrow.

Jakes, who has raced in GP2 Asia for two years but had not entered the main series until his recent outing, had earlier been second in the morning session behind Michael Herck - who is having a final appearance with family team DPR (which does not have a 2011 entry) this week before joining Coloni next season.

GP3 champion Esteban Gutierrez took second for ART in the second session, ahead of Charles Pic, who switched from Arden to Addax for the test.

Other GP2 regulars trying out different teams included Rodolfo Gonzalez (moving from Arden to Racing Engineering), Josef Kral (Super Nova to Addax), Sam Bird (ART to Ocean) and Fabio Leimer (Ocean to Rapax).

GP3 runner-up Robert Wickens was fifth-fastest for iSport, ahead of series returnee Stefano Coletti, who has signed with Trident for 2011 after a year of GP3, Formula Renault 3.5 and Auto GP.

Italian Formula 3 frontrunner Andrea Caldarelli made his GP2 debut with Racing Engineering and took fourth in the morning and ninth in the afternoon.

Formula 2 runner-up Jolyon Palmer is eyeing GP2 for next year and is running with iSport today. He was 11th-quickest in session two.

Another newcomer to impress was GP3 and F3 Euro Series driver Roberto Merhi, who was ninth in the morning with Arden.

Current champion team Rapax had a quiet day, with Leimer and former F2 driver Armaan Ebrahim both in the lower half of the times with its cars.

The test resumes tomorrow, when today's pacesetter Coloni will run long-time GP2 driver Luca Filippi. Other notable moves for day two include Bird switching to DAMS and FR3.5 race-winner Nathanael Berthon - who was driving for DAMS today - in action with ART, which today ran former Le Mans Series champion Jan Charouz alongside Gutierrez.

Morning session:

Pos  Driver             Team                Time       Gap       Laps
 1.  Michael Herck      DPR                 1m48.447s            28
 2.  James Jakes        Coloni              1m48.530s  + 0.083s  21
 3.  Robert Wickens     iSport              1m48.761s  + 0.314s  19
 4.  Andrea Caldarelli  Racing Engineering  1m48.869s  + 0.422s  25
 5.  Josef Kral         Addax               1m48.889s  + 0.442s  27
 6.  Esteban Gutierrez  ART                 1m48.955s  + 0.508s  20
 7.  Sam Bird           Ocean               1m49.106s  + 0.659s  18
 8.  Stefano Coletti    Trident             1m49.137s  + 0.690s  15
 9.  Roberto Merhi      Arden               1m49.164s  + 0.717s  19
10.  Rodolfo Gonzalez   Racing Engineering  1m49.194s  + 0.747s  25
11.  Marcus Ericsson    Super Nova          1m49.217s  + 0.770s  19
12.  Charles Pic        Addax               1m49.288s  + 0.841s  13
13.  Jolyon Palmer      iSport              1m49.764s  + 1.317s  25
14.  Jan Charouz        ART                 1m49.970s  + 1.523s  27
15.  Kevin Ceccon       Coloni              1m49.981s  + 1.534s  30
16.  Fabio Leimer       Rapax               1m50.112s  + 1.665s  10
17.  Nathanael Berthon  DAMS                1m50.254s  + 1.807s  25
18.  Ivan Samarin       DAMS                1m50.470s  + 2.023s  30
19.  Julian Leal        Trident             1m50.684s  + 2.237s  12
20.  Nicolas Marroc     Ocean               1m50.757s  + 2.310s  25
21.  Jake Rosenzweig    Super Nova          1m51.440s  + 2.993s  20
22.  Simon Trummer      Arden               1m51.593s  + 3.146s  20
23.  Armaan Ebrahim     Rapax               1m53.914s  + 5.467s  28
24.  Camilo Zurcher     DPR                 2m33.817s            1

Afternoon session:

Pos  Driver             Team                Time       Gap       Laps
 1.  James Jakes        Coloni              1m47.790s            19
 2.  Esteban Gutierrez  ART                 1m48.209s  + 0.419s  27
 3.  Charles Pic        Addax               1m48.302s  + 0.512s  36
 4.  Rodolfo Gonzalez   Racing Engineering  1m48.302s  + 0.512s  20
 5.  Robert Wickens     iSport              1m48.408s  + 0.618s  20
 6.  Stefano Coletti    Trident             1m48.413s  + 0.623s  27
 7.  Josef Kral         Addax               1m48.426s  + 0.636s  24
 8.  Michael Herck      DPR                 1m48.555s  + 0.765s  19
 9.  Andrea Caldarelli  Racing Engineering  1m48.635s  + 0.845s  26
10.  Marcus Ericsson    Super Nova          1m48.657s  + 0.867s  16
11.  Jolyon Palmer      iSport              1m48.836s  + 1.046s  21
12.  Sam Bird           Ocean               1m48.849s  + 1.059s  19
13.  Kevin Ceccon       Coloni              1m48.870s  + 1.080s  13
14.  Roberto Merhi      Arden               1m48.947s  + 1.157s  27
15.  Jan Charouz        ART                 1m49.575s  + 1.785s  28
16.  Nathanael Berthon  DAMS                1m49.767s  + 1.977s  31
17.  Ivan Samarin       DAMS                1m49.950s  + 2.160s  25
18.  Julian Leal        Trident             1m50.050s  + 2.260s  8
19.  Simon Trummer      Arden               1m50.056s  + 2.266s  29
20.  Nicolas Marroc     Ocean               1m50.651s  + 2.861s  15
21.  Armaan Ebrahim     Rapax               1m51.073s  + 3.283s  23
22.  Jake Rosenzweig    Super Nova          1m51.419s  + 3.629s  8
23.  Fabio Leimer       Rapax               1m51.605s  + 3.815s  3
24.  Camilo Zurcher     DPR
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