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Hayden responds to Puig's attack

Nicky Hayden, Honda, 2008Nicky Hayden has vehemently dismissed the comments from Dani Pedrosa's manager, Alberto Puig, that accused Hayden of copying set-ups from Pedrosa because he "never knew how to set up a bike."

Hayden said he would prefer to avoid a public argument with Puig, but was unable to resist setting the score straight.

"I'm not really wanting to go back and have a cat fight back and forth with this guy," he said. "Puig basically runs our team, he runs HRC at the moment and I really believe that.

"I really believe Kazuhika Yamano (Repsol Honda team manager) has done a great job and he's in a tough, tough spot. I know he's got a lot of heat coming at him from all directions, so that's basically what I said. I need to quit being a hypocrite I guess."

Talking about the now split works Honda garage - after Pedrosa switched from Michelins to Bridgestones for the final five races of the year, since when Pedrosa has scored 24 points to Hayden's 47 - he said: "That wall I couldn't care less about. It doesn't even faze me even a little bit.

"Me and Dani haven't exactly set the world on fire this year. A team like Honda should work together somewhat, even with your teammate, and certainly with your crew chief.

"Really, some of the stuff he says is a joke about sharing data and that's why I'm mad.

"I haven't seen his data for a long time and the truth is he sees everybody's data, so be clear about that. So if it's me going fastest or Dovizioso going fastest, he (Pedrosa) sees everything."

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