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Top F1 teams glad Bernie Ecclestone can focus on Formula 1 again

Bernie Ecclestone, Christian Horner, F1 2014

Leading Formula 1 team bosses think it is vital that Bernie Ecclestone is now able to concentrate fully on the sport again, after the end of his bribery case in Germany.

Ecclestone faced the distraction of lengthy court proceedings in Munich to answer allegations that he paid a $44million bribe to former banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

But having agreed a $100million settlement to bring the court case to an end, Ecclestone is now able to focus entirely on F1 at a time when the sport is trying to understand why audiences are falling.

The Ecclestone trial unravelled

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that no one is better qualified to help sort out F1's problems than Ecclestone.

"It is great that Bernie is full time again," he said. "F1 needs Bernie at the moment, and there are a few issues we need to get on top of.

"There is no better person to do it than the little man himself."

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff reckons that Ecclestone has returned to action in a stronger position than before - which he thinks is good for the future of F1.

"What is important is stability in F1," explained Wolff. "I have seen a very strong Bernie coming back from the shutdown and coming back after the court case has been settled - and this is good news.

"Whatever the governance, and whatever the management of F1 is going to be going forward, the shareholders and Bernie are looking at how it can be done for the best of F1.

The day Ecclestone took control of F1

"For us it is important to have a strong leader and good discussions - and we had one of these [at Spa].

"So I am sure there is lots of talking behind the scenes, and lots going on in the future.

"For us it is very good that Bernie is fully concentrated, back in shape, strong and leading the organisation at that stage."

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