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FIA explains how F1 standing restarts will work

Formula 1's plan to introduce standing starts after safety car periods for 2015 has become one of more controversial changes to have been agreed by the sport's chiefs.

But despite widespread criticism from fans about the idea, the details of the new regulations have now been officially laid out in the FIA's F1 sporting regulations for next year.

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Here is how the new standing start system will work:

The procedure of the safety car will remain the same as it is now until after backmarkers have been allowed to unlap themselves and move to the rear of the field.

Then, when F1's race director deems it is safe enough to call in the safety car, a 'safety car in this lap' message will be displayed on the official notice system.

The safety car will pull into the pits and the cars will carry on past the pit lane entry to the grid - with the pit exit lights turning red.

Team personnel who normally sit on the pit wall will have to move to the safety of the garages, with the exception of two people from each outfit.

The drivers will then proceed to the starting grid to stop in their respective positions, and the five-light starting system procedure that is used at the beginning of races now will be run through.

There are circumstances, however, when a standing start will not be used following a safety car.

That will happen if the safety car has been deployed within two laps of the start of the race, of if there are less than five laps of the race remaining.

Furthermore, F1's race director has the right for the race to get going without cars forming up on the grid if he considers 'conditions are unsuitable for a standing restart'.

In those circumstances, the rolling safety car restart where the leader dictates the pace, as has been common in F1 in recent years, will be used.

Also, the rules state that there will be no standing start if the race began under safety car conditions.

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