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FIA working on regulations for national touring car series

The FIA is working on creating new sets of regulations that could be applied to national touring car championships.

The concept has the backing of FIA president Jean Todt, who told media in Marrakech last weekend that the success of the FIA's cultivation of the junior single-seater ladder provides an example of what can be achieved.

FIA touring car commission president and British Touring Car Championship series boss Alan Gow said: "The FIA has stepping stones into Formula 1, through Formula 4 and Formula 3, and this is what we should be doing with touring cars.

"At the moment the only touring regulations that [the FIA] has got is a WTCC regulation.

"Now it is up to the FIA just to come up with one or two sets of regulations that are applicable for national championships around the world.

"The WTCC regulations are only designed for the WTCC. They are not regulations designed for other major national championships, so it is different to how it was in the S2000 days.

"It is naive to think you could have one set of regulations that the whole world will compete with. That doesn't work.

"We will look at setting a couple of other regulations, which countries can choose to implement if they wish.

"I would hope we have something to put to the world council at the end of the year, so it's a fairly short timeframe."


WTCC promoter Eurosport is evaluating a revamped set of TC2 regulations as an option for a new WTCC feeder series.

"As soon as the new TC2 technical regulations are set, then we would run a separate championship as part of WTCC weekends," said Eurosport Events manager Francois Ribeiro.

"It may not be the entire championship, as GP2 doesn't follow the entire Formula 1 calendar.

"We would run it separately from the TC1 grid as part of the WTCC weekend, then we would promote it."

The championship is not intended for manufacturers. Cars close to production-based models and modified versions of the existing TC2 machinery are being considered.

"There are many options, but it has to be something that is touring car related and which is extremely cost-efficient," said Ribeiro.

"The season should be maximum 300,000 Euros, and with exactly the same sporting regulations as WTCC, so that drivers can learn."

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