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Race Centre Formula 1
Australia / Round 1
1st Free practice
2nd Free practice
3rd Free practice
1st Qualifying
2nd Qualifying
3rd Qualifying
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  • Circuit: Melbourne
  • Race: 58 laps / 307.574 km
Abu Dhabi / 27 Nov
Pos Driver Team
1 Hamilton Mercedes
2 Rosberg Mercedes
3 Vettel Ferrari
4 Verstappen Red Bull/Renault
5 Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault
6 Raikkonen Ferrari
7 Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes
8 Perez Force India/Mercedes
9 Massa Williams/Mercedes
10 Alonso McLaren/Honda
Standings / After 21 races
Pos Driver Points
1 Nico Rosberg 385
2 Lewis Hamilton 380
3 Daniel Ricciardo 256
4 Sebastian Vettel 212
5 Max Verstappen 204
6 Kimi Raikkonen 186
7 Sergio Perez 101
8 Valtteri Bottas 85
9 Nico Hulkenberg 72
10 Fernando Alonso 54
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Ben AndersonHow F1 2016 would've gone without Mercedes Imagine Mercedes was barred from the 2016 Formula 1 season under 'anti-dominance' regulations. Would it have been a more exciting season or would another team have proved just as unstoppable? 1481155200 F1

Lawrence BarrettoIs Ricard the right venue for F1's French return? Formula 1 is finally returning to France after countless false starts, but is going back to a now very different Paul Ricard really the best move for the race's future? 1481068800 F1

Dieter RenckenRosberg's rocky road to recognition - but not acceptance Nico Rosberg's detractors have been high in number at times, and the retiring Formula 1 world champion deserves more than that 1481068800 F1

Aki HintsaThe man who changed F1 driver performance Aki Hintsa passed away earlier this month. His legacy will carry on in Formula 1 - and every driver would benefit from embracing his teachings 1480982400 Performance

Ask Gary AndersonBottas and Button can solve Mercedes' driver problem Could a double shuffle involving Williams and a recent departure from the grid solve Mercedes' post-Rosberg dilemma? Is Mercedes about to quit Formula 1 for Formula E? And what would Force India do with $100million? Our technical expert answers these questions and more 1480982400 F1

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